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Flexible working request

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broodylicious Sat 03-Nov-12 07:40:34

Hi all, hoping you'll be able to help me....

I was due to go back to work in January when my nine months paid mat leave ends. However, DH and I decided a few weeks back that we can just about afford for me to take January to March off as unpaid mat leave so I have the full year off with DD.

It was always our intention that I would only ever go back part time, two days a week, as that's enough to cover bills and still have money left over to buy cake, shoes and cappuccino and DD yet more cute clothes I also had in my mind that i would use the other three days to set up my own business (marketing and PR) so i could eventually leave my job and be fully self employed. Of course, I didn't tell anyone at work this because I didn't need to and wasn't sure how I'd feel after the bump became a baby.

I went to see work this week as it is eight weeks before I was due to return so had to tell them my intentions. So... Taking the full year off is not an issue as my cover (two of them) is on a 12 month contract so they can stay on.

I mentioned the two days a week though and this got a slightly more frosty reception. Basically my boss said I'm in the budget for next year as full time but they want to keep on the two part timers (whose hours equate to three days a week) as they want to grow the team. She would not approve working from home - outright said that - and gave the impression that my job will be tweaked a little because they want one of the cover to work on specific things once I'm back. She did give me a flexible working form but from the atmosphere and impression I got, I don't think I have a chance of getting the hours I want.

My question though - ffs finally, I hear you say! Sorry! - is... Surely, if my five day a week job has been done for the last seven months only three days a week, they have to consider my request and try to accommodate me? I appreciate that the business may have changed while I've been off but it seems unfair if I have to make the decision of full time or resign when they were happy to have only part time cover?! What are your thoughts? How do I progress?

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 03-Nov-12 08:13:22

Is it possible your boss was trying to be non-committal until actual request is in. It is also possible that other staff are picking up some off your job as it is short term, but boss doesn't want to do this long term.
I would say put in your request with how your suggestions would benefit the business and see. Sometimes these things take you unawares as a boss so you try not to commit, but when you have a chance to think it through you can see how it would work.

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