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How do I go about paying tax/NI.?

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rubyrubyruby Thu 08-Nov-12 23:23:40

No cat. We are going to a friends party that evening.

Hope to see you in the Spring smile

cat Wed 07-Nov-12 22:50:40

Are you coming to the crimbo meetup rubes?

rubyrubyruby Sat 03-Nov-12 10:15:59

Just had email.

You're right, they are sending me an activation code within 7 days.


catinwitchyboots Thu 01-Nov-12 23:23:29

A real life person on your first call!? shock


Well done grin x

rubyrubyruby Thu 01-Nov-12 23:14:41

I phoned up and after pushing various select numbers for this and that I spoke to a real-life person. They confirmed that I was in fact classified as self-employed and I then registered online.

My gateway number was put up on screen so I made a note of it and re-entered it on completion. I'm registered so will wait to here from them now.

Thanks thanks

catinwitchyboots Thu 01-Nov-12 23:05:27

Hey! Hi five!

Did you get into the HMRC gateway straightaway or have you got to wait for a password in the post?

DH was up and running online within a week.

You deserve a wine

grin x

rubyrubyruby Thu 01-Nov-12 23:02:46

I did it cat

I did it!!!

catinwitchyboots Thu 01-Nov-12 08:20:56

It depends what your job is lonecat

And of you get the right advice from a good accountant

rubyrubyruby Thu 01-Nov-12 07:53:44


rubyrubyruby Thu 01-Nov-12 07:52:56

Yes. I don't work from home but tbh wasn't expecting hocks in stuff like that anyway.

The receipts I have kept have been for fuel, clothing (specific to the job) and equipment I use etc .

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 01-Nov-12 07:47:17

Ahh posted too soon.
Other clothes do not and haircuts most certainly are not a business expense. You will be able to put certain household expenses down if you work from home,

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 01-Nov-12 07:46:03

Haircuts and clothes against tax oh I wish it was possible. Only genuine business expenses only uniform falls into this category other cl

rubyrubyruby Wed 31-Oct-12 23:24:17

Thanks cat - that's a great help.

I will do it tomorrow, I have a separate bank account for my wages, have kept all receipts and not spent a penny I've earnt. I invoice the same company once a month so surely it can't be that complicated hmm

catinwitchyboots Wed 31-Oct-12 23:19:59

I will chase you up wink

Have you been self emp before??

If so you probably know the drill already. If not - keep EVERY SINGLE receipt for every penny you spend.

Phone bills
Inner tyres wink

You can offset it all against your tax and it makes a huge difference at the end of the year.

You can also offset a % of home electricity, postage, printing, Internet MN bills.

There's a website that lets you work out what is viable to put through the business. I'll find it tomorrow when I'm on the PC.

rubyrubyruby Wed 31-Oct-12 23:13:57

Thanks cat.

I've been putting it off blush
I will contact them tomorrow so kick me up the arse

catinwitchyboots Wed 31-Oct-12 23:11:08

You can pay your NI the same way

I think it's


catinwitchyboots Wed 31-Oct-12 23:10:03

Go on the HMRC website - you have to register a self employed and do tax returns - frequency depends on if you employ anyone else or not.

It's all very confused to start but when you go in regularly and put in all your expenses etc it's quite straightforward and you can see what you owe/are owed at the click of a button

rubyrubyruby Wed 31-Oct-12 23:07:26

I don't know who to contact about this.

I went back to work earlier this year. I invoice for my hours and get paid directly into my bank account. Do I need to register as self-employed or will I just fill in a self assessment form?

What about NI too!? Help - I don't want to get into trouble.

Thanks x

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