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Job leaving mess up - tax question (longish)

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OddBoots Tue 30-Oct-12 16:52:57

dh left job 'a' after giving 3 months notice in writing, agreeing his leaving date with his manager and having the standard exit interview with HR (not to mention the countless leaving drinks things with various departments).

He started job 'b' while using up his annual leave from job 'a' with the knowledge of this old and his new boss.

As dh had an interest free loan for his season ticket from job 'a' he emailed them to ask how they wish the money to be paid back and to ask for his P45 but heard nothing so emailed again and also contacted a former work-mate who posted him his pay slip but there was still no reply from HR and no P45, it was clear from his payslip that he had been paid for the whole month not part of it.

So dh has phoned his old hr and it seems (despite the exit interview) they hadn't realised that he was leaving and they need his old manger to notify them in order to make any changes, dh tries to contact his old manager but he is on leave until we don't know when (and his out-of-hours names dh as an alternative contact!).

We have no intention of keeping overpaid money but we are worried (or at least I am) about how the complicated the tax will be, especially as job 'b' have had to use a temp tax code.

Does anyone know if job a (which btw is a huge employer, not a small company) should sort the tax out or if we will need to unpick it ourselves?

Ellypoo Tue 30-Oct-12 17:14:33

Your H should only have to repay the net amount that has been overpaid, and the employer should sort it out through their payroll, so there shouldn't be any tax overpayment to your H through that. In terms of Employer B - they will give H a P46 to complete until he gets his P45 from A, so should be taxed on BR temporarily until HMRC send them a new tax code through. There could be a slight delay in this, but his new tax code should reflect any tax overpayments he has made.
So basically, you shouldn't have to unpick the tax yourselves.

OddBoots Tue 30-Oct-12 17:24:49

Thank you. smile I shall estimate the net overpayment and put it to one side (with the season ticket loan balance) and hope they sort it sooner rather than later.

MissKeithLemon Tue 30-Oct-12 17:26:21

Almost correct but not quite sorry Elly.

Your DH should fill in a P46 and tick box B which will result in an emergency code of 810L W1/M1 being used. (BR is not the emergency code).

His old employers will need to rerun the his last payrun and then he should pay back the net difference.

So long as the P46 is filled in properly (box B in this case) the ongoing effect on his tax will be negligible and will sort itself out the month after.

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