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Need a career change!

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MoelFammau Mon 29-Oct-12 23:34:42

Okay, this could be a challenge but I'm hoping some wise MNetters might throw up some fresh ideas.

I was home-schooled by two distracted parents. I hold no qualifications whatsoever, bar a (clean) drivers license. I'm 34 and have a 18mo DD. I'm in Scotland. I currently work in the film industry as it has no interest in qualifications. I am at the beginning of breaking up with my DH and I feel I need a fresh start.

My interests are in Linguistics, SEN, animals (rehabilitating traumatised ones) and rock climbing. I recently spent a week with an autistic work experience lad at my studio and thoroughly enjoyed working with him on interpreting body language (I'm an animator and have a very good knowledge here). This was just something we did during lunch breaks and we both got a huge amount out of it. Not sure if teaching body language to autistic children is a little too specific but if it was a viable job, I'd jump at it.

Bearing in mind I have no degrees or even GCSEs, can anyone come up with a career I might enjoy / be good at?

fily Tue 30-Oct-12 10:40:58

How about setting yourself up in business. It is not only autistic individuals who need help with interpreting body language. Communication skills are vital for everyone. Unfortunately in Scotland unless you have the right piece of paper breaking into the education system is virtually impossible. However there must be companies who look for trainers to improve communication skills. Why not start small keeping your current job going too and gradually build up a portfolio of clients which can demonstrate your valuable skills before you become completely independent. There is a School for Autism based in Alloa, central Scotland which might be able to offer advice with regards to the need for teaching body language to autistic children. Good Luck.

MoelFammau Wed 31-Oct-12 00:06:44

I emailed them and they replied, asking for an interview!

Thank you for the good idea!

fily Wed 31-Oct-12 20:03:33

Good Luck.

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