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Full time/ part time on same hours? Help!

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Mibby Mon 29-Oct-12 19:14:08

Can anyone explain this to me please confused
I'm currently working 32 hrs over 4 days.
Ive been told if I increase my hours to 35, but stay on 4 days then I'll still be 'part time' but if I spread 35 hrs over 5 days then I'll be 'full time'. Eh? I don't understand!

flowery Mon 29-Oct-12 19:38:54

Well I don't know how many hours classes as full time at your workplace but normally working full time hours over fewer days would be 'compressed hours'.

Why does it matter whether you are called part time or full time though? Shouldn't make any difference to anything, it's just a label.

Mibby Mon 29-Oct-12 19:55:53

Because as a part timer i get my holidays pro-rated (so 4 days = 4/5 annual leave + 4/5 bank holidays). And have to use holiday allowance to take bank hols off.
The problem is most bank hols are monday or tuesday so I get 4/5 x 8 days allowance which is 6.4 days but this year 7 bank hols are on my working days so I have to use annual leave to make up the gap.
Also 'full timers' get double time for working on a bh but I wouldnt as its either a 'normal day' or part of my leave. I thought if I squeezed in 3 more hrs then Id be 'full time' and go back to annual leave plus all the bank hols but apparently not sad
I don't get how I can be part time on 35 hrs/ 4 days but full time on 35hrs/ 5 days

flowery Mon 29-Oct-12 20:11:22

It doesn't matter how many hours you do, the fact that you work fewer than 5 days a week will affect your holiday entitlement. You'll get the same number of hours off as a full timer, but it will be taken in fewer days. Whether you are called part time or full time makes no difference to this.

Having said that, it's illegal to treat part timers less favourably than full timers, so if full timers get double time for bank holidays, so should you.

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