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August pay

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GISELLESIMP Thu 25-Oct-12 14:44:05

Hi, this is my first post but wondered if anyone can help. I was employed as a teaching assistant on a 26 week term time only contract. A proporation of pay was retained each pay period to enable me to be paid over 12 months. I worked two full school years but school are refusing to pay me for August as they state my leaving date was 20 July, surely I am entitled to my salary as I worked the full school year. I gave them a full terms notice for which they were grateful as they were able to arrange my replacement and plan their new school year but is it right that I have lost out. Any advice would be appreciated or even just an understanding of where my retained month's pay has gone.

flowery Thu 25-Oct-12 16:05:47

Presumably your contract is clear on how much pay you are entitled to for the 26 weeks? I would just stick to figures. Your annual salary is x amount, either you have been paid that or you haven't. You're not entitled to be paid for August, but if withholding part of your pay during the year means you haven't received your salary for the 26 weeks, it is still owing.

gisellesimp Thu 25-Oct-12 17:38:32

Sorry if my first post was misleading it should have said 26 hours per week not 26 weeks but thanks for your understanding of the situation it's what I thought, my contract clearly states I'm entitled to x for workings 26 hours per week term time only but I haven't been paid that even though I've worked all the contracted hours for the year. I have only been paid 11/12ths of x. I couldn't have worked any more so feel really upset at this situation as its a lot of money to me.

MissKeithLemon Thu 25-Oct-12 20:33:04

Have you spoken to anyone in payroll/HR about this in the first instance Giselle? If not, do so. It may just be a mistake, which do happen.

If you have, and they have not been forthcoming with either an explanantion as to how it has been calculated and how you are not due the 'august' pay
or the outstanding wages you are owed, then call ACAS on 08457 47 47 47.
They are very good at offering advice on these situations (free to use service) and can offer mediation if necessary.

YouSmegHead Fri 26-Oct-12 07:42:23

It might be worth putting it in writing and requesting they send you their calculations to prove you have had x money for x hours.

gisellesimp Fri 26-Oct-12 18:13:57

Thanks for all advice, it's nice to realise others understand problem, have tried to speak to school & payroll but just got letter back saying they don't owe anything more as I left in July. Have submitted claim to ET but I am thinking of withdrawing it as most people don't seem to understand term time contract and I'm fed up of it all. My only advice to all the teaching assistants is if you are leaving make sure you submit your months notice after the end of the school year to ensure you are paid for August. You might miss out on end of term leaving party but at least you will get the money you are owed!!

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