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mat leave, annual leave & flexible working

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waitandseepudding Fri 19-Oct-12 19:43:10

Ok, so I've read a few threads and I now realise I've been accruing AL whilst on ML. I've taken the full SML and AML and am due back in jan.
Do I accrue AL whilst on unpaid AML? is it possible to take my AL before I return to work but in what would be my unpaid time so that I return on the same date?
Is AL 'carried over' between years? I started mat leave in the last leave year, (runs april-april) and I've been on ML since jan.
I've spoken briefly to boss about potential new role when I return (I'd like fewer hours and she's had to hire 3ppl to do the one job I was doing) but nothing has been agreed or is in writing yet, how do I go about making sure this is in place before I go back?
sorry for so many q's. Its a small business w no hr dept and don't want to ask boss.

LonelyCloud Fri 19-Oct-12 22:37:26

Yes, you accrue AL whilst on unpaid AML.

You have to give notice in advance (I think 8 weeks?) if you want to return to work before the year's maternity leave is up. Whether your work allows you to take some or all of your AL straight after AML finishes is up to them. I did this, but you don't have a statutory right to add AL onto the end of AML.

Whether AL is carried over between leave years is again up to your work. Some workplaces require you to take accrued leave before ML starts if the ML is going to stretch over 2 leave years.

Linky to: government guidance on Flexible Working

Briefly, if you want flexible working, you have to request this in writing, employer has to request a meeting to discuss request within 28 days, employer than has 14 days to make a decision. Employer has a number of grounds on which they can refuse flexible working, these are set out in the guidance.

waitandseepudding Fri 19-Oct-12 22:52:56

thanks Lonely. smile
I need to get in touch with boss again and see if we can get stuff in writing, she was OK with my request for different hours when I broached it some time ago, but has not proffered any forms.
I knew it was 8 wks notice to return if I wanted to change the date, I just wasn't sure whether this counted as a change of date to return if, effectively I want to return on the same date but just have the last week or so of my AML counted as leave. Otherwise when I return, I'm going to have to squeeze in quite a few days (which will amount to weeks, since it's only PT work) of leave in before April, which could cause her more problems.
I took all the leave I was due before I left, but not the bit that I would have got between Jan-April this year. It doesn't amount to much so I'll not worry too much, though would be nice smile
I'll put it on my list of jobs to do on Monday, thanks again.

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