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Calling all Solicitors - I'm thinking about moving back into private practice, advice/info please

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ScaredySquirrel Sat 13-Oct-12 07:42:19

Hi all. I currently head up a legal team in-house and am thinking of moving back into private practice. The reasons for this are solely financial - I've become a single parent, and just can't afford a house on my salary (and we can't afford 2 places on both of our salaries). So I am thinking about moving back into private practice.

I would be aiming to go in at partner level, or at least senior assistant (I'm very qualified!). I don't have a following, but I know, from my initial chats to recruitment people, that I am not a lost cause at this level. It would be London, but not (probably) the City as I don't think I'm prepared to do the hours there, and also the culture - which I did put with for years.

It would be really helpful to know if you are doing this, how you combine family. I wouldn't be a corporate solicitor by the way. How flexible can your work be? Can you work from home on a regular basis? What hours do you do?

Also, because this is for financial reasons, if you could share your salary (sorry for being nosy and please name-change!), but I need to be clear that this would actually benefit me a lot financially, as i am very happy in my job at the moment, and am only really thinking of leaving it to make more money.


flowery Sat 13-Oct-12 09:54:03

You might be better off posting in Legal- you'll find lots of solicitors hanging out there, whereas here it's only the occasion employment lawyer

ScaredySquirrel Sat 13-Oct-12 11:29:27

Ok will do thanks!

Thamesmead Sun 14-Oct-12 21:00:50

I'm in house, and if you're looking for more money, look for a different in house job. Private practice is very much an eat what you kill environment, and if you're looking to go in at partner level, don't forget a few things:
1) you'll have to buy your partnership share, so that keeps finances down for a while
2) your partnership profit percentage will in part be determined by what you bring in. If you're not bringing clients with you, again finances rather down for potentially a long while.
3) you're effectively self employed. No redundancy, etc if it all goes tits up.
4) LONG hours and very little flexibility. Potentially work from home flex, but in terms of hours, care for kids, etc, ugh.

There's lots of good jobs out there for City qualified in housers with experience. The drawback to in house is that moving up is usually dead man's shoes, so moving up tends to mean changing jobs. You're thinking of changing anyway, so change in house and play to your strengths.

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