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Applying for a new job - will I be descrimated against if I declare I am on ADs?

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mulranno Sat 06-Oct-12 07:32:55

What are the rules around "the medical" - can a job offer be withdrawn? How would you fail a medical? I have been doing the role for the past 6 months - never had a day off (due to any illness) - so I am well managed on ADs.

Would my line manager know this info?

50smellsofshite Sat 06-Oct-12 07:38:31

I don't know the job you do but can't think of any job that would mean you were discriminated against by being on antidepressants.
I'm an employer in health and wouldn't/couldn't.

Half the population are on antidepressants (including possibly your manager and doctor!) so it's no big deal as long as you're stable. I'm being flippant but it's extremely common.

No reason for your line manager to know.

mulranno Sat 06-Oct-12 09:03:37

thanks 50 -

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