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Lilipution76 Fri 05-Oct-12 08:33:53

Hi there, I need your help f you're an employment solicitor, please, or ifyou've been in a similar situation.
My manager forgot about my coming back to work meeting back in March, and, although I had only requested to drop one day and work set hours to accommodate childcare arrangements, refused my request 2 weeks before my return and offered me a lower paid job for fewer hours. Then HR made me ajob to my requirements, as they realised they hadn't given me enough notice (I had given her 4 weeks notice). They dressed up a very boring job to make it appealing, but I was then moved to the furthest corner in the office where no one goes if they don't have to, and I felt very isolated, bored and unfairly dealt with. To cut a long story short (there were quite a few incidents with that managr that made me feel even worse), I am now leaving that job and moving away, but I realised I have lost all my confidence and thought I'd make a stand for myself and file a formal complaint againt my manager. This is being investigated by HR and I was advised by a friend who had been in a similar situation to seek compensation. Do I have a case or am I just making trouble for myself?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I feel I am doing the right thing but it is getting quite upsetting and complicated and I want to be reassured I can get somthing out of it. Thanks!

burmac Sat 06-Oct-12 00:21:55

Not a lawyer but just to say I went through something along these lines on retuning from a maternity leave. Horrid graceless boss who didn't want me to return to my area of expertise. I had another job to go to but I wanted to make my point so I asked for an apology - not compensation - and I got it. Was later told they had been ready to offer me some compensation but I felt good about the apology as felt I walked away with my pride restored.

StillSquiffy Sat 06-Oct-12 17:33:56

I do not see any grounds for a case. They created a meaningless job for you because the alternative would have been to either refuse your request for shorter hours (which would have been horrible) or get rid of you and replace you with someone else (which would have been illegal).

It's very common for people to request and get some kind of flexi working and then find themselves completely sidelined. But there's not anything 'illegal' about it if you willingly agreed to the role. Depending on the cirs there may be grounds for complaint, but not based solely on what you have described here.

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