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FaintingGoat Tue 02-Oct-12 20:19:36

I'm in the process of updating my CV, or rather, giving it an overhaul, as it has been in the same format for years. I realise that formats and expected information have changed a little, and mine needs bringing up to date. I found a good template (on Moonster), I just have a couple of questions which I'm hoping someone can help with.

On the template, under References, it said "References are available upon request." I have always provided specific details on the CV itself, so was surprised to see this. Would employers be put off if I did not give actual details?

The other thing is that the person who was my manager at one of my longest jobs is no longer with that company, but I am still in contact with her. Would it be appropriate to quote her as a reference (with her consent obviously), or should I quote the HR dept of the company? My former manager's boss is no longer there either, so I think HR would just confirm the dates and not give any information about my work whilst I was with them.

Any guidance anyone can offer would be gratefully received, thank you.

Hassled Tue 02-Oct-12 20:26:44

Bear in mind that an awful lot of jobs these days don't actually want to see a CV - they have company standard job application forms.

But otherwise then yes, I think "references available upon request" is fine. That way you can tweak the referee to suit the job, IYSWIM, and supply names according to who would be most useful for that particular role.

Lots of people end up having to use a "HR Dept of Large Organisation" type reference and in my experience that's accepted by employers, but if you can provide someone who actually knew you in a professional capacity then that more personal reference might just give you an edge.

FaintingGoat Tue 02-Oct-12 20:42:35

Thanks Hassled

It is only five years since I applied for (and got) a job, but whilst I was hunting, most of them wanted a CV, and also wanted you to fill in an application form which basically required you to write out your CV again...

Good to know that "Available upon request" is ok, but I do feel that it would be an advantage to give my former manager as a referee. She was a very tough boss who knew her stuff inside out, and did not stand for any messing, so I feel like a reference from her would actually mean something. I always got the impression that if a company only confirms the dates you worked there, that means they weren't happy with you, or you left under a cloud.

flowery Wed 03-Oct-12 11:01:01

It's not usual to put referee's contact details on your cv, because they usually only become relevant once you've been offered the job.

Once you've been offered a job and you are asked for reference details, I'd give both details of a specific manager and also HR if she is no longer at the company.

FaintingGoat Wed 03-Oct-12 12:39:10

Oh that's interesting, thanks flowery, that'll save some space too (it's too long, I'm trying to get rid of some unnecessary text.)

Also realised I put "Moonster" on my OP, despite previewing. I meant Monster! Let's hope I preview my CV a bit better than that!

TheArticFunky Sat 05-Oct-13 11:00:13

I don't mention references on my CV it takes up valuable space. Employers will ask for details when they need them.

DevaDiva Sun 06-Oct-13 00:09:03

I agree and got rid of the 'references available on request' part on my last CV overhaul, it's just not needed and the space can be better used to include another selling point about you. Good luck

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