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Leaving pt perm role for fixed term ft role - loss of employment rights/service benefits

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cheerup Fri 05-Oct-12 06:34:24


cheerup Mon 01-Oct-12 14:41:40

I also should have said that I think I want to work full time (youngest starts school next year) but am slightly apprehensive about possibly giving up my part time hours as I know I'll probably never get them back.

cheerup Mon 01-Oct-12 14:38:25

I have an interview for a full time fixed term role with a local authority. The local authority employed me until today when our department TUPE'd to another provider. If I were to be successful at interview and accept, I suspect that I would need to resign my permanent role as I doubt the new provider would agree to second me back.

Would this be an unwise thing to do? I don't want to be doing my current role by the time the FTC ends so the fixed term doesn't worry me too much but I am concerned that I would be putting myself in a dodgy position re possible redundancies/early contract termination and what my position would be at the end of the contract with regards to redeployment/extension given that (presumably) my continuity of service would be broken (until the transfer I would have had about 7 years continuous service). There may be other issues I haven't thought of to add in to the mix.

If there are any la hr/employment law specialists here who are able to advise it would be much appreciated.

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