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Redundancy and restructuring

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Devon79 Sun 30-Sep-12 12:22:06

Hi, I'm just after a bit of advice. I'm a new manager and have found myself in the position that upper management are suggesting redundancies in my department. They're asking my opinions on this and I want to make sure that my contribution to the discussions is fair on everyone.

In the last year I have lost 3 professional members of staff (I don't want to out myself by saying which profession). All along I have pushed for the reinstatement of these, as I'm struggling to even complete my core day to day work without professional support. I've been left with 1 unqualified staff member and none of the professional positions have been filled, on a drive to save money.

Upper management have now realised that we can't really manage without at least one of these roles, but have suggested we lose the admin position instead.

I'm finding myself in a difficult position now. If I had to choose from a purely business point of view then I would say they were right. But I don@t know what the legal position is and also whether it would be fair to lose an existing post to replace it with one that doesn't currently exist (but which should and which will help me tofulfil our work, which we're not doing).

To be honest (this is another issue really) I am struggling with the whole people management side. I want to be a firm, but fair manager, but I've had no guidance or training on it. I have strong personalities working for me and I need tp learn with personnel issues.

Any tips on how to handle both of these situations? I need to learn to be stronger, which I know sometimes means taking difficult decisions but I also want to be fair and do things properly.


StillSquiffy Sun 30-Sep-12 16:42:34

1) fine to make an admin position redundant and advertise for a prof position instead. BUT you need to consider if admin person might be capable of doing prof position before letting them go (unlikely)
2) IMHO the people who worry about their mgmt experience and skills are already head and shoulders better than the people who don't even realise they know little about mgmt. I found mgmt more stretching and more regarding than anything I had ever done before. I ended up doing an MSc in HR at the LSE, which (along with my mgmt experience) got me the top level of HR qual. If you do want to get some kind of training then check out the CIPD website. It is aimed at HR mgrs but I found it just as valid for non HR mgmt

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