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Advice needed plz

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Juuullliiieee Sun 30-Sep-12 05:24:29

I began working for an agency 4 months ago. They gave me a job were i would be working through the agency for a company for 13 weeks and after that i would be taken on permanantly. I found out i was pregnant 3 weeks ago and told them i was. I had an informal chat with the manager of the compay who is supposed to take me on today. Basically he said he has no issues with my work and would like to take me on to a contract. Then in his next breath he said he would do risks assessments frequently and it may come in the very near future that he would then have to turn around in say that due to the risk of harm he would have to give me some flowers and baby stuff and then send me on my way with no smp to take my maternity early. also that I would be welcome to apply for the job wen my maternity would be up if available... He also said that if i dont accept the offer of employment and stay with the agency then he didnt want to sound cruel but he has to think of his budget because he would be paying an extra £2.50 an hour to keep me working through the agency and he didnt want to do that because he has a budget to think of. So he would then advertise my job and would give it to someone else.... I feel i am being discriminated against because am pregnant and also that he is being realy meanand tight because it would only cost him an extra £700 pound. I explained to him that who will let me work for the while pregnant and did he no i had a morgage and if i didnt pay it that i wouldnt have a home. he did not care and just thought of his £2.50 an hour that he pays. what can i do? i dont no what will happen? so worried that i couldnt pay morgage or get a pram for ma baby.

Rockchick1984 Sun 30-Sep-12 11:42:27

If you are employed and they do a risk assessment which proves you can't do the job as its too risky while pregnant they have to either offer you alternative work, or sign you off on full pay. He can't just give you some baby gifts and get rid of you!

To be honest though, I think you're going down the wrong avenue by saying he shouldn't be thinking of the £2.50 an hour. If he offered u a pay cut of £2.50 an hour, you wouldn't be happy, he has offered to take you on permanent employee so at this point he has just said some stupid comments not done anything discriminatory.

Take the employment, and if he tries anything dodgy to get rid of you, deal with it then.

Juuullliiieee Sun 30-Sep-12 13:52:21

If I accept the employment then am not entitled to smp. But if I stay wiv agency then I do get it. I can't get maternity allowance. I want to work till maternity is due through agency. N I wud take pay cut just ta keep me job but I only get paid a few pence over min wage.

Rockchick1984 Sun 30-Sep-12 14:16:21

Why wouldn't you get maternity allowance?

Juuullliiieee Sun 30-Sep-12 19:38:43

Because it says I have to be working continuously for 48weeks n about 58 weeks ago I went on statutory sick pay for 6 weeks.

Rockchick1984 Sun 30-Sep-12 20:22:43

Who has told you that? You have to have been employed, and earning £30 or more a week for at least 26 of the 66 weeks before baby is due. See here

Juuullliiieee Sun 30-Sep-12 20:29:28

Thank you u cheered me up now cos al accept his employment now I think.

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