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Flowery or other HR professional can you assist please...

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TapasGirl Thu 27-Sep-12 20:32:24

Hello, we have been paying a consultant to assist with an area of our business for a number of years and she is on a 4 weeks notice period. We now need to give notice of termination of her contract and obviously we need to write a letter to give her notice which is a clause in her contract.

Are there any templates you can direct me to so that the letter contains everything it should or can you provide me with some points to think about. I do want the letter to contain appreciation for her work as well as to say that should things improve we would like her to work for us again. Thanks

hermioneweasley Thu 27-Sep-12 20:37:37

Have a conversation and follow up in writing, confirming you are giving her 4 weeks' notice as per her contract. It sounds like you know what else you want to say.

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