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Part-time worker needing help with my Christmas/New Year holiday request.

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Rollergirl1 Wed 26-Sep-12 13:41:05

I work 24 hours a week. I used to do these hours as 3 full days, working Tues, Wed and Thurs. For my holiday allowance I used to take my full-time holiday allowance of 20 days, and pro-rata it for the 3 days worked (20/5*3= 12 days). I then used to do the same for bank holidays giving me 5 additional days that I tagged on to the 12 days. This allowed me to use my alloted bank holidays when I needed them and not just on Monday's and Fridays, when I didn't work.

I have now changed my work pattern so that I still work 24 hours a week but spread over 5 days rather than 3, meaning I now work Mon to Fri. So now I don't add the bank holidays to my holiday allowance and just don't work the days that they fall on, like any full-time worker would. And if I take a full week off work (5 days Mon to Fri) then I still only use 3 days out of my allowance.

I have 4 days left out of my 12 day allowance that I plan to use for my christmas/new year time off (we are allowed to carry 5 days over in to the next year). By my workings out this would mean that I could have from 24th December to 4th January as holiday, using the 4 days I have left and the bank holidays that fall in between.

Can anyone confirm if this is correct?

Numberlock Wed 26-Sep-12 14:12:35

So you would finish work on 21 December and go back on 4 January? Or go back on 7 January?

Princessdivaaa Wed 26-Sep-12 14:21:53

If you are working 5 days per week (irrelevant of hours) you would get 20 days annual leave plus the bank holidays.. Your annual leave day is just shorter than someone working 5 days..

If you have changed your working days during an annual leave year you will have to pro rata your annual leave up from that time..

Rollergirl1 Wed 26-Sep-12 14:31:32

Numberlock: I would finish work on 21st December and go back on 7th January.

Princessdivaaa: Are you sure? I have been told that seeing as I am working the same total number of hours a week, irrespective of days worked, that I should continue to pro-rata my holiday allowance as 3/5's.

Numberlock Wed 26-Sep-12 14:35:08

Yes I agree with Princess, can you explain how you only take 3 days holiday if you have 5 days off so I can help you work out what you need for Christmas?

What happens if you take just one day off? Do you take a fraction of a full day's leave?

As you go into work every day, you should have the same entitlement as everyone else. It would be much easier! I suggest this from the start of the new holiday year?

ScariestFairyByFar Wed 26-Sep-12 14:40:55

I'm part time 4/5 I get my annual leave given to me in hours if you work it out like that it might make more sense.

ShhhhhGoBackToSleep Wed 26-Sep-12 14:44:35

If you are working part time you usually work out holiday allowance in hours, not days. So if you work 24 hours over 3 days or 5 days you would use 24 hours of holiday allowance either way to take a week off. Have you checked with HR how they are calculating it? I would say that you get (24/40)*20*8 = 96 hours of holiday plus (24/40)*8*8= 38 hours for bank holidays.

Either way it should work out the same in hours if you are equally spreading it out over 5 days. So if you have 4 days of holiday left I think you mean you have 32 hours? So you could take 27/28/31/2nd off?

ShhhhhGoBackToSleep Wed 26-Sep-12 14:48:47

X posts - yes, it will work out the same if you take 3/5s of your holiday allowance and take every BH off or if you take 3/5s of your holiday allowance plus 3/5 BH allowance and use the BH allowance to take the BHs off as holiday as you work every day.

CMOTDibbler Wed 26-Sep-12 14:50:10

I'm glad my company do everyones leave in hours ! But in your case it works out the same in practical terms as you work the same hours each day. You get 20 days a year, just your day is 5 hours of leave, so you don't need to think about the pro rata

Durab Wed 26-Sep-12 15:00:28

You get 3/5 of the f-t hours, but as your days are shorter you need less holiday to have a day off iyswim. So, if you work the same number of hours everyday, 20 of your days should = 3/5 of the f-t allowance in hours

Rollergirl1 Wed 26-Sep-12 15:56:34

I work 5 hours Monday to Thursday and 4 hours on Friday to make 24 hours a week. So almost the same number every day but not quite.

I agree that my 4 days of holiday equates to 32 hours. And that works out the same as I thought.

So I would take 24th Dec (5 hours), 25th and 26th are bank hols, 27th (5 hours) and 28th (4 hours), 31st (5 hours), 1st Jan bank hol, 2nd Jan (5 hours), 3rd Jan (5 hours). This makes 29 hours so leaves me with 3 hours left to take on 4th Jan, which is a Friday and when I would usually work 4 hours. So there is just 1 hour remaining.

It would be much easier if I could just calculate at 20 days but if I did it would mean that an hour would be lost for each 5 days holiday that I take.

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