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How do you keep your nerve for job interviews?

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sundancegirl Tue 25-Sep-12 09:27:37

Interview looming and can feel myself getting more stressed the closer it gets. Essentially will be a step up from what I'm doing now, more responsibility and longer hours.

Worried how this will impact on family life and school pick ups etc, but can't afford to keep working part time for ever... If I do have to work fullish time, this would be the right job.

Thinks it's the pressure of thinking this would be such a good job longterm that's getting me stressed.

Do you have any tips for keeping calm before hand so that I can prepare well and also for the interview itself?Any suggestions appreciated. smile

Natnat29 Tue 25-Sep-12 09:35:33

First of all good luck OP and well done to even get an interview in this climate is fab. I would say try not to think about the bigger picture too much concentrate on each question as it comes. Try to get everything organised well before hand- what to wear, take with you, journey there etc my worse interview is when my taxi didn't turn up! Had a manic journey there and was panicking big time.

CharminglyOdd Tue 25-Sep-12 19:58:39

I always arrive at least twenty minutes early and go to the loo in case of a nervous stomach. If nothing else it's a chance to check you still look fab smile and also a time to sit and breath calmly.

Remember you will need your right hand free to shake. Practice walking in your shoes and suit at least once (and pack some plasters in case of blisters!). Accept a glass of water - you can take a sip in case of dry mouth but also to give you time to think about an answer.

It's perfectly fine to ask if you can take a second to think about your response - it shows you care and that you think. I did this what felt like far too many times in my interview and got the job. They will know that you are nervous - if you really feel bad then slip it in: they will ask how you are and I say "Excited, but quite nervous [laugh]". That way you've registered it with them but also pointed out it's because you are keen.

Also, write a list of possible questions (there are loads of threads on MN about this or start your own tailored one in chat - that normally works well) with answers and get someone to practice with you.

Finally - eye contact and smile! If you smile at someone their automatic response is to smile back, making everyone feel much more relaxed and happy grin Good luck!

sundancegirl Tue 25-Sep-12 20:34:21

Thank you for the advice. Will definitely follow your tips. Trying to plan answers to possible questions tonight.

Looking forward to having done it and not having to worry about it anymore!

Nevercan Tue 25-Sep-12 20:39:27

Remember they are human too and if you feel really nervous imagine them naked grin

aggadoo Tue 25-Sep-12 21:10:32

A friend of mine loves being interviewed! He says he enjoys the challenge and likes trying to act up to the persona that he believes the interviewer requires for the job. (I guess you could say he tries to 'act the part'..... so doesn't get stressed about how his real self might come across) He has had a number of varied jobs so can draw on different experiences to 'fit' the job description if you see what I mean. Anyway....I always think this is quite a novel way to approach an interview, its a positive attitude - make them think they want you! It worked for him anyway, he always got the job!

missingmumxox Tue 25-Sep-12 22:17:59

I too enjoy interviews and only 5 times haven't got the job I applied for 2 I got offered another job, 1 I didn't want, 1 I wanted and didn't get but assume they had a difficult job selecting because they rang told me I was 2nd choice could I wait until they had, had a response from the lady selected, "of course" says I whilst thinking like F! I will! if I get a better offer, she took the post...darn! I would have loved that job! and one I didn't actually understand what the job was smile 1st lesson learned never made again, research the company and job.

job interviews are a 2 way street, I have turned down jobs that interested me because and interviewer was an arse and I thought if you are that much of an arse at interview then I don't want to work for you, flip side is I wasn't that interested in the job I currently do, but by the end I so like the interviewers and they made the job sound amazing I wanted it and I wasn't disappointed.

this one is important, if there is any risk at all the person you are replacing is going to be interviewing or even if they are not, someone on the panel might have appointed them, so if they ask you what changes you would make, start with the pre-fix, obviously I don't know every day to day aspect of the role and I would imagine there are very robust procedures in place already so I would give the role a few month whilst I settle in to see how I feel they could be improved or should be left but some key areas I would be looking at in relation to this role are.... and how if XYZ not already in place I would...
caveat on this is that the first proper job I ever had after college and researching I realised the entire finance department had been sacked for embezzlement! So I had to act like this was a new department and I had NO idea about the Bad history! no point rubbing their noses in it smile (Before my life in Occ Health and Nursing I worked in finance)

I am a chatterbox and love talking about myself and achievements, so whilst this helps at interview, I have to reign it in, and can.

no shame in asking for the question to be repeated and this tip is my top one I use it even when I have understood the question but can't think what the chuff to say, gives me breathing time and never ever leap into an answer until you have run the question through your mind once, people won't even notice the gap, even if you think it takes you an age I once got show a film of my interview and I couldn't even see it.

last is if you don't get the job ask for some constructive feed back... and be polite at all times,you never know when a job will come up again, I am always amazed at peoples memories, I once got a job on the back of a manager writing in a book after an agency shift I did, hard worker, keen to learn and my then phone number, she left the book in her desk and the new manger remembered seeing my name in it.

missingmumxox Tue 25-Sep-12 22:18:21

gosh! I do love an interview smile

sundancegirl Wed 26-Sep-12 18:10:56

Good tips! Thanks smile

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