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Should I have got paid for 4 weeks???

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no1childminder Mon 24-Sep-12 16:58:59

Hi. I was in a part time nanny position who hired me when i was 5mths pregnant. I was due to start mat leave end of June. I was also supposed to return to work for them after my mat leave, beg of Oct. 1 week before I was due to start mat leave my employer said she's moving in with her boyfriend which was far away. So she gave me 4wks notice. I worked a week, got paid for it and that was that. I though that as I had always planned to go on maternity leave on that date, and she didnt have to pay my maternity pay as I didnt work there for long enough before falling pregnant, that that was right. But since then Ive been told she still should have paid me for 4wks work, thjat I still should of got my 4wks paid notice regardless of whether I was going on maternity leave or not. Any help please guys as 3wks pay is quite alot! thanks.

flowery Mon 24-Sep-12 18:18:27

As your notice period is more than the statutory minimum you are only entitled to be paid whatever you would have received had you stayed employed for that long. So in your case a week was correct as you were going on unpaid mat leave then so wouldn't have been receiving any pay anyway.

Have you had all your holiday pay?

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