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Holiday pay

(2 Posts)
toboldlygo Sat 22-Sep-12 17:57:10

Can someone please just check that I've got my sums right before I take this up (again) with my employer?

I work in a privately owned hotel. None of the employees have a contract and most of us have not received any consistent holiday pay. We are not self employed - employer deals with tax and NI contributions.

While at university I worked approximately 16 hours per week over two days (ignoring extra hours worked during holidays, Christmas etc.) and since finishing university I've worked an average of 30 hours per week to date, over three or four days. I'm actively seeking another job and want to sort out my owed holiday pay before I leave. Any holiday taken so far has been unpaid.

I have worked out the following:

1st February 2011 ? 1st June 2012
16 months worked @ 16 hours per week = 1024 hours
7168 minutes holiday accrued = 119 hours payable

1st June 2012 ? 1st September 2012
3 months worked @ 30 hours per week = 360 hours
2520 minutes holiday accrued = 42 hours payable

Total: 161 hours holiday accrued @ £6.08 an hour = £978.88

Using advice/figures here.

Any help appreciated, I want to have my figures straight before I go in for a second round.

seoladair Sun 23-Sep-12 00:29:54

I think if you want to raise this, you need to do it within 3 months (and one day?) of first discussing it with your employer, otherwise you might be out of time to take it forward. Hopefully one of the HR specialists on this board can advise further (and look at your sums)
Best of luck!

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