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tahira Tue 14-Mar-06 12:46:33

Found out about dropshipping a while back but have heard that the profit you make is minimal.
Anyone got experience? How has it been for you? Do you find it's worth the time and effort or not?
Would be really interested to hear opinions!!


Nightynight Tue 14-Mar-06 13:22:11

what is it?

tahira Tue 14-Mar-06 16:35:22

It's stuff associated with businesses on Ebay!!!
Not too clued up on it myself to be honest!!!

zippitippitoes Tue 14-Mar-06 16:40:50

you drop ship if you sell something which you haven't got and then order it from someone and have it sent direct to them from the supplier/manufacturer

it means you make money without having to hold stock so theoretically very cost efficient

blueshoes Tue 14-Mar-06 17:32:03

ahhhh, a dropshipper presumably has superior information about where to get goods and at what price and exploits the buyer's imperfect information to be able to source those same goods cheaper elsewhere. Sounds like a lot of work unless you can specialise in a particular area. Also thin margins. Would depend on volume business, I imagine.

Kelly1978 Tue 14-Mar-06 17:52:06

blueshoes and zippi are right. Takes a lot of research, but if you hit a winner then profit margins are big! It only every works with up to the minute stuff that people are prepared to pay lots for. Plus I find that items with a bigger price tag are more profitable, but it means mroe outlay in ordering before funds are cleared.

zippitippitoes Tue 14-Mar-06 17:52:26

pushchairs and car seats often sold like this

I do it with volume amounts of things i normally sell eg I sell and stock stretchy smiley men and people usually buy 20 or whatever, someone rings and says can i sell them 2500 so I say yes if they ask I offer them a discount, get their card details and shipping address and then I ring the supplier and ask them to send the stuff under blank and the invoice to me..

there are also companies who specialise in drop shipping but don't know anything about those,,, mm..

Kelly1978 Tue 14-Mar-06 17:52:32

I'ma plat seller on ebay thru drop shipping...

tahira Tue 14-Mar-06 22:24:53

how can you find a good profitable dropshipper? or a good wholesaler?
Where do you get the info from?
Someone like me who doesn't know much-how can I find this stuff out??

zippitippitoes Wed 15-Mar-06 08:46:07

if you google drop shipping you will see loads come up, but as I say how reliable they are is a different's clearly a problem if they operate as members/clubs, because they also say"we are reliable"..which normal wholesalers take as read!

clearly Kelly is the one to ask as I know little about it really, as I am a website retailer not doing dropshipping as normal practice.

The dropshipping companies don't sell at true wholesale (otherwise they wouldn't make any money) but somewhere in between allowing you to cream some off.

Kelly1978 Wed 15-Mar-06 10:34:27

you have to spend hours on google looking for the ones that sell low enough for you to make a profit. Often big retailers are better than proper dropshipping companies. You also look for ways of getting discounts. Look on ebay for what is current crazes or trends and then see if you can find it cheaper.

tahira Wed 15-Mar-06 14:47:49

Thanks for all the tips!!!

Kelly, what kind of plants do you sell? I've just had my garden re-done and need plants for the house and outdoors. Are your prices quite reasonable?

If you have an ebay shop, I'd definately be interested in having a look!!!

Kelly1978 Wed 15-Mar-06 14:49:24

sorry platinum, not plant. That means I've sold £15k for last three months. Our of that I prob keep about 30%, so drop shipping can be profitable.

Nikkinoo Wed 15-Mar-06 14:59:36


if youre looking for plants my partner has a nursery and is embarking on selling plants via mail order, if your intreseted get in touch with me, he can also give you advice re. soil types wheter you need plants for colour/structure whatever.

Sorry for butting in BTW

tahira Wed 15-Mar-06 17:57:52

Hi Nikkinoo

What kind of plants does your partner do?

Please get in touch with details and pics if you have any.

Nikkinoo Wed 15-Mar-06 18:44:19

Will get in touch, even if you just need advice on what to plant

tahira Thu 16-Mar-06 15:32:13

Nikkinoo that would be a great help as I'm really stuck as to what I should buy. Was just about to buy a climber on ebay and just had time to do some research before placing. Luckily I discovered that it was poisonous!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Nikkinoo Thu 16-Mar-06 17:41:44

What do you like, do youlike showy bold flowers or do you prefer texture. Do you want something modern looking. Also are you looking to have beds or things in pots. You could always send me a photo of your garden, and i could offer you some suggestions do tell me where the garden faces too.

oh and child friendly too if you have kids something that will withstand footbals and stuff!

tahira Thu 16-Mar-06 21:22:12

Hi Nicki

I need the flowers to be in these pots here .

I would like them to be really stunning looking as the rest of the garden is quite plain. I've seen some Lillies called Canna Lucifer which are gorgeous although I'm not sure if I have the right compost-I've already bought peat reduced multi purpose!!!

Hope you can help-don't know what to put in the other one or if this is a good plant to have. Not sure where the garden faces!!!

Nikkinoo Thu 16-Mar-06 21:44:57

Cannas are not hardy (do not like the cold) so they are hard work.

Although they are beautiful. you can tell how your garden faces by whether you get sun in the eve or morning, is it a hot garden. Although if your putting things in pots you can position them as you like them.

Cannas also flower for a long time, but as i said they are quite hard work. If youlike the exotics will have a chat with DP about what is a little less high maintenace but still has that kind of beauty

Nikkinoo Thu 16-Mar-06 21:47:29

As for compost that will be fine, but bolster them every once in a while with liquid feed as the compost will only have a limited amount of nutrients for the plant, also provide drainage in the bottom of the pot (broken ceramics/pebbles)

if you really want the cannas wait until the weather is much more milder

tahira Thu 16-Mar-06 23:33:54

bloody hell!!!

thats the problem-one website says one thing, another says something totally different!!!

i read they were hardy and easy to grow and that they dont get diseases. never once read they need bringing in at winter just to extract the bulbs and start again next year.

its all getting far too complicated!!!!

Nikkinoo Fri 17-Mar-06 07:14:16

i know to be a dedicated gardner is a full time job! Thats why its only really retired blokes who are up at the allotments. if you are down south it may be warm enough to keep them out or in a v v v v sheltred spot.

tahira Sat 18-Mar-06 11:08:17

just bought a lovely climbing rose for the side of the nasty neighbours. Hope I don't kill it!!!

Any tips you can give for it's maintenance???

Nikkinoo Sun 19-Mar-06 11:16:18

Tahira what is the name of your rose,

Just a few quickies when you plant it did you enrich the soil first?

Has it got any trellis in order for it to climb?

Another tip if you have nasty neighbours and want something that will give good fast coverage and also has a modern touch.

Bamboo especially the black bamboo (filostacis negra) might have spelt that wrong!!!! is lovely it grows quickly looks very nice and makes a lovely rustling sound (which is handy for road noise etc) also has great structure. But the real bonus is that it is a fab textural plant.

will ask rich when he comes in about some tips re roses, but do feel that deadheading will crop up.

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