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back to work interview

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klovely Wed 01-Aug-12 13:27:45

My boss did my back to work interview in front of colleagues in the kitchen of all this legal??

flowery Wed 01-Aug-12 13:28:40

Back to work after illness? There are no laws about where back to work interviews must be conducted, no. Did you tell him/her you felt uncomfortable and ask to go elsewhere?

klovely Wed 01-Aug-12 15:30:09

she took me by surprise.also i was in the middle of a conversation with a colleague and she interupted to get me to sign.she placed the paper down for all to see.i have been looking back over the past couple of years and have realised a lot of things she has done in front of people to belittle me.sorry if i dont make any sense to you i am new to this site and my damn phone!! i have a lot of issues i would like to discuss on just finding my confidence to be able to speak about them.i have been reading this site for the past week and have realised therr are some wonderful helpful looking forward to hearing from you all xx

user1468987371 Fri 21-Oct-16 08:22:35

She is ridiculous! Hopefully you are over it now.

UrethaFranklin Fri 21-Oct-16 09:34:37

If she just gave you the form to sign then I can't really see a problem (other than she was rude to interrupt). If she was discussing the reasons for you being off in front of other people then I would find that unacceptable and would have to say something.

sery786 Fri 21-Oct-16 20:43:43

Hi everyone i had an interview today at a hospital as a health care assistant and was told i will be working on the medicine and surgery ward. Can someone please tell me what my tasks and roles as a HCA in this particular ward

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