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Childcare Vouchers have been deducted from my SMP.

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ChunkysMum Wed 18-Jul-12 12:56:43

DD was born in November, our benefit selections are yearly and take effect from January.

At the 'roadshow' that explains about our benefits before selection I asked about childcare vouchers and whether you could save them up and was told they'd be valid until the child's 15th birthday.

I was unsure whether I'd be eligible for childcare vouchers whilst on maternity leave but, as far as I could see when selecting my benefits, I met all of the criteria, so I selected them.

They sent me the information about my childcare vouchers so I thought I must have been eligible. I've used some of them.

I've looked at my payslips today (I know I should have done this sooner) and they're deducted the £243 every month since January from my SMP for childcare vouchers.

Should this have happened? Can they decide that I'm actually not eligible for childcare vouchers and ask for them all back if I ask for the SMP back?

What should I do?

MrAnchovy Sat 25-Aug-12 18:39:39

Only just picked up on this - I don't usually watch this topic as there are some really knowledgable people here who cover all the angles.

From your employers letter it looks like they are prepared to stick their neck out on the basis of a fairly shaky legal view - and why not, they have nothing to lose but the goodwill of their employees.

If you are willing to stick your neck out you can raise a grievance over this and appeal the result (which will surely be unsatisfactory) at an Employment Tribunal. You must take advice from your trade union or ACAS and have top draw legal representation to succeed in this, but succeed you surely will as their assertion that a policy that impacts on men during their 2 weeks of paternity leave 'equally' as it does on women during their 12 months of maternity leave is not discriminatory on grounds of sex is clearly incorrect.

MrAnchovy Sat 25-Aug-12 18:43:03

Oops, should have mentioned that the reason I am posting this is that you need to get your side lined up now because things will need to happen very quickly once you return to work because you will need to raise the grievance immediately they make the deduction of wages. Actually as they have notified you of their intention to deduct you possibly need to act now.

ChunkysMum Mon 05-Nov-12 15:00:21

I have now finished work, got my last payslip on 31st October and they have deducted the cost of childcare vouchers from my final payslip. (Didn't act earlier as I have been in hospital with meningitis)

I'm panicking now. I cannot afford a lawyer. I am now a full time student, DH earns £16,000 PA so I don't think we'll qualify for any kind of legal help. I don't have legal help in my home insurance.

How do I raise a grievance?

ChunkysMum Tue 06-Nov-12 19:18:05

I've called work and asked them to email the grievance policies to me.

They have sent a letter saying they will waive the cost of my CCVs that was above my final holiday pay as a good will gesture.

If anyone has any advice on raising a grievance and going through with this, I would very much appreciate it.

Lougle Tue 06-Nov-12 19:46:16

I imagine that this is something that would be dealt with by a tribunal, and that is free of charge.

So, with that in mind, you don't need to be worried about the grievance process, just follow it through.

ChunkysMum Tue 06-Nov-12 19:55:34

Thank you Lougle. Doe you know if there's a time limit on raising a grievance? I called HR yesterday and today for them to email me the required documents and I've not yet received them.

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