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Marissent Wed 26-Oct-11 09:12:46


I've been made redundant and think its unfair and related to my mat leave and being a mom coz work tried redundancy on me when I woz on mat leave but backed off when I told em it looked way dodgy (i still av da proof).

It feels like they delayed till I was bk 2 wk 2 try it on again but b able 2 get away with it. Can a work do this?
What can I say? Is this discrimination? My mat leave was long ago but I always felt they were just waiting to make a redundancy look proper.

How does it look 2 u?

Btw. Im a gd worker but team leader whose mates with bosses didn't like me and I dunno why.

figgygal Wed 26-Oct-11 12:46:55

Would need more information to advise to be honest what were their grounds for the redundancy? how many people were affected? Was it just you or were you the lowest scored out of a pool of people?

flowery Wed 26-Oct-11 14:08:33

On what basis do you think it's because of your maternity leave? If your maternity leave was 'long ago' it's very unlikely you'd be able to prove that.

What do you think was unfair about the redundancy? Do you think it's not a genuine redundancy and they plan to replace you, or do you think you were selected unfairly and someone else should have gone instead?

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