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Advice please re giving a presentation at an interview

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spudinvasion Mon 24-Oct-11 20:48:53

I have an interview for a really excellent job in about 10 days. At the start of the interview I have to give a presentation, they have specified power point.

What are your thoughts about the colour of the backgrounds/text etc??

Briefly, it is a senior management position in health care, I am experienced and the presentation is losely about finance.

Any other top tips. I am fairly confident but I don't want some minor detail to send me in to a panic!

swedie Mon 24-Oct-11 21:03:17

I recruit people into healthcare. I wouldn't worry too much about backgrounds, I would suggest a white background with the logo of the organization. Don't make it too whizzy as too much movement is distracting. Think about the language you use, using words like we rather than you so that they get used to thinking of you in the organization. Really research the organization, they should publish board minutes, make reference to recent activity and initiatives. Most importantly make sure you answer the question you are giving the presentation on.
Apologies if some of this is really obvious but lots of people don't do them and they make a real difference. Good luck.

missingmumxox Tue 25-Oct-11 00:06:32

plain background I wouldn't add the company logo as the public employer I work for are V protective over their "corporate identity" and from my point of view, I might want to use it again for another reason, and it would annoy me to at a later date take it all out.

as Swedie said,

I tend to work on 1 powerpoint per 2 minutes, as in I always go over by a couple, so 10 mins 5 powerpoints, I will find I have done 6, if I have done 8 I would pare down.

Oh and I always take a copy, so I e-mail them it before hand, take a memory stick incase they have a problem with the e-mail and if all that fails I have it on paper... and this has happened to me, so I could pass out copies.

Incroyable Tue 25-Oct-11 13:31:05

Don't have too many words on each slide, and don't just type your presentation on to the slides (apologies if that is not something you would do anyway, but I am amazed by how many people just read the entire thing off slides).

Speak clearly and slowly, slower than usual. If possible, get a videocamera out and film yourself practicing the presentation at home, then watch it back. It will give you an idea of how fast and at what pitch to speak, plus draw your attention to any fiddly habits!

Make sure you face the room, and look every person in the eyes as you are presenting and smile. This makes a huge difference.

Try to stick to plain, simple slides with minimal animation or sound effects.

Think about what sort of questions they might ask you about the presentation - be prepared with background information.

Good luck!

MollieO Tue 25-Oct-11 13:36:29

Check spelling and layout. I'm afraid that if I'm at a presentation and there is an error on the slide (either typo or grammar) I lose the ability to hear what the presenter is saying!

spudinvasion Tue 25-Oct-11 17:59:14

Thanks to you all, this is really helpful.

I have also been to presentations where they just read it out word for word and it is awful so will be really careful to avoid that.

Bullet points all the way!

Great idea about videoing it. Will be cringeworthy to watch but such a good idea. I think I do tend to fidget so perhaps this will help.

They have specifically asked me to bring it on a memory stick, email it as well in case of techincal issues and they also want a paper copy for each member of the panel - all 7 of them!!

Thanks so much for you replies, I will think of you all to calm my nerves!!!

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