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Employment tribunal - questions

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Sin30 Fri 21-Oct-11 15:51:36

Hi all, wonder if anyone can shed some light on the following;

LIP for claims under SDA1975, harassment + victimisation

I've had 2 cmd's, same judge has sat in on both, all correspondance is directed to them - so, is it likely or not that they might also sit at the full hearing? (hope so)
it's a small regional office, they are president as well as a judge

also, the respondant has had my full medical records as well as fit notes etc and never questioned diagnoses/symstoms etc including for Nervous Shock (plus depression/axiety which required medication and time off on stress) - it's all there in black and white and they have had the info for 4 - 6 months. Now they are saying they expect my gp to attend the hearing (in less than 2 months time), it's to asses to remedy (if needed), injury to feelins etc is this something I am legally required to do? or can i just ask dr for a report? or is it enough to rely on the evidence that's already there. this is only one small espect so am not overly bothered, it's not about squeezing the max amount of money

any thoughts please? smile

KatieMortician Fri 21-Oct-11 21:21:41

Why do they need your GP to be there? Sounds very odd.

How have they requested it? I would have thought the Tribunal would have to allow it and there would have to be a good reason. They can't just make unreasonable demands.

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