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3rd baby on the way company giving pay rises and promotions - too scared to tell them

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brucey Thu 20-Oct-11 16:24:41

I work in a male dominated environment and am expecting my 3rd baby, I am 12 weeks pregnant. We have been informed that we will be getting pay rises ( was informed verbally yesterday from the CEO ) and also account changes. ( I am in sales and this could effect me greatly if i get "bad " accounts )We will be informed of these pay rises at the end of NOvember. I am already showing, and cant keep it a secret much longer. I am very worried that if i tell them that I am pregnant they will not give me the same pay rise as my colleagues and also I will get a set of bad accounts, as they know I will be going on maternity leave. In my first pregnancy they refused to give me my company car which i was due as they were " not sure when i woudl be coming back " I also went back to work after my 1st baby after 5 months to the same job but with diifferent accounts. ( I got my car in the end ) They left me alone for my 2nd baby and I came back to work and continued with my old role. I am very close to leaving there and would have done so already had I not got pregnant but I am effectively unemployable at the moment and have to stay where I am ( not that they pay me whilst I am on leave anyway ) So what should i do ?

An0therName Thu 20-Oct-11 21:29:48

I hope one of the legal experts will come along and help a bit - but since from what you say they have treated you ok for your 2nd baby they have a bit more idea about about employment law than when you had your 1st baby - so it might be better for you to tell them - as if they know formally and then give you a lower pay rise/worse accounts - it would I have thought at least risk breaking the law or leave - but as I said I am not a legal expert

Grevling Thu 20-Oct-11 23:15:22

Well you've got to tell them sooner or later. There is an argument that if you tell them sooner you've got more protection from the law. If they work out your pregnant and give you bad accounts because of it and you've not told them it would be very hard to prove. If you tell them it's easier to make the link.

flowery Fri 21-Oct-11 09:37:17

Yes what the others said.

If you were confident you could keep it a secret I'd suggest doing so then you'll know whatever decisions they make are not at all based on your pregnancy.

But if you think it's likely they'll notice, tell them. If you don't tell them and they make a decision you're not happy with, they'll say it was nothing to do with your pregnancy as they didn't know about it, and there will be nothing you can do.

If you tell them, with any luck they will be very cautious about making decisions that could be perceived as against you.

mylittlemonkey Sun 23-Oct-11 13:18:40

I understand how you feel as i felt like that about announcing my pregnant when I was du for a promotion. I accept what others are saying makes sense that if you tell them and they treat you differently then you will have grounds
To say it was because of your pregnant. Hover, I think in reality it will be really difficult to prove they would have treated you better if you were not pregnant as if they have they will be careful to make sure they cannot be accused of anything and how will you be able to prove what they wouldhave given you if you were not pregnant.

Pregnant women and those on maternity leave are covered by the equality act which came into force last October (I think) which legislates against pregnant or maternity leave women being financially or otherwise disadvantaged by being pregnant or on maternity leave. I don't know the details as not employment lawyer but you would need evidence to prove you had been disadvantaged and foe most women would think this would be very difficult as companies are often advised by HR dpts.

Personally if I were you and you really think you would be disadvantaged then I would buy some loose jumpers/ winter clothing and see if you can get the wage rise signed off before yo tell them. But remember that you have to continue working there for next 5 or so months and then come back after. they may be upset you did not tell them sooner esp if they could have distributed work better (although not necessarily to your disadvantage) if you told them before they are making decisions about distribution of work with staff. Would this cause unnecessary friction?

Good luck - with work and pregnancy!

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