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Really anxious about complaint

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Bluesue26 Tue 18-Oct-11 17:46:54

Quick summary - after months of watching things rapidly deteriorate at work I decided to raise a grievance. Ridiculous displays of insubordination, bullying and slanderous behaviour have forced me to take matters into my own hands. Everyone in the office agrees with my concerns yet seem afraid of the consequences. I contacted the HR department with my observations and evidence and know that I am completely in the right, yet I feel really anxious and unnerved about it all and now am starting to regret my actions. It's not about getting others into trouble, I'm trying to warn the company of issues that could eventually cost them massively financially. Have I done the right thing or should I have just kept my nose out?

Thanks Blue

KatieMortician Tue 18-Oct-11 17:51:12

If it was making your working life difficult you have done the right thing. I don't know if I'd have gone to HR straight away - I'd have raised with the manager or his/her manager if the problem is with him/her.

But it's done now so stop worrying. Hopefully there'll be an improvement.

Bluesue26 Tue 18-Oct-11 18:37:31

You're right Katie. It was making things unbearable, and usually I would have just gone to the office manager but as he's the one at the heart of the trouble I felt I had to go above him. It's just that there's something going on that is completely illegal and there was no way I was gonna get disciplined for keeping my mouth shut - I know it seems like I'm being a snitch but this guy has consistently thrown others under the bus to save himself so I've not doubt he'd do it to me. Just have to see what happens next hmm

KatieMortician Tue 18-Oct-11 18:44:23

Then you did the right thing. Ride it out and try not to worry about what might happen until it actually does.

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