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Reference policy

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sbmumtobe Tue 18-Oct-11 17:36:50


I just wondered how common it is for employers to give very basic, factual references via HR? Disclosing only name of employee, job titles held and length of employment....

Anyone know why some employers have this policy? I have been told it's very strict...

I'm wondering if another employer looking to hire would understand this policy? Or, do people with previous employers like this need to find other referees in case the basic reference isn't sufficient?


prh47bridge Tue 18-Oct-11 17:45:42

In my experience this is pretty common. Employers often do this as a way to ensure they can't be sued for libel.

KatieMortician Tue 18-Oct-11 17:48:54

Very common. My ex-employer is a large multinational bank. They do the most basic, sparse references you ever saw. Simply Katie Mortican employed X date to Y date. Job title: Wage Slave. Reason for leaving: Resignation.

I don't think they even put on the last appraisal rating which the company they took over who were my employer always did.

They do, however, put on if any disciplinary action had been taken against the employee and it was still on file at time of exit (ie verbal, written, final written or dismissal).

sbmumtobe Tue 18-Oct-11 18:24:28

Thanks for the responses!

Another question (sorry I've been at one employer for a long time), if my previous employer is one referee, then who can I put as the 2nd referee?

I imagine it has to be a professional one again? I also think my employer before this one won't really remember me, and it would be outdated!

Can I count my childminder (I am essentially her employer) as a referee?

KatieMortician Tue 18-Oct-11 18:27:40

No I wouldn't put your childminder. They don't work with you. Any new employer may insist references from your last two employers. Some two employees, one of whom must be your current employer.

Do you have a manager or colleague who would act as a personal referee? My old boss has written references for me and I've provided references for a close colleague before. I also had a reference from someone who used to work for me but became a personal friend but I would not have used her if we'd been employed by the same organisation.

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