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I think I want to get a job

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ButterP Mon 17-Oct-11 22:51:20

I've been off work now since January, since my last foray into work went wrong and landed me in hospital. I have bipolar disorder, but it seems to be under control with medication at the moment. I am very nervous about going out, but that could be because I hardly go out, if that makes sense. I have been put in the support group of ESA (ie recognised as completely unable to work) and I get DLA for care and mobility, but that is mostly due to the unpredicatable nature of the illness- there are times when I can't even stand near a window I am so nervous, and other times when I'm not allowed to leave the house alone because I act mental. However, these come in bursts, and I've not had one for a while - I think my medication might be starting to work properly.

That all sounds really gloomy, but I think I am at the point where a small part time job, ideally temporary, would do me good - get me out of the house and meeting people. I do a couple of classes, but I think the fact that I can back out of them makes it harder to go, if that makes any sense?

Plus, DH only works part time due to having had to be there for me when I have been ill. He is now doing more and more hours and doing well at work, but money is still tight, and I would love to be contributing.

Meh, too much detail. My point is, does anyone know of some kind of government scheme or such that would be able to talk me through all the options? I have a good CV for sales and care, but both of these are not good ideas at the moment - I'm thinking maybe shelf stacking or till work. Maybe a christmas job, so it is limited and I don't need to feel a failiure if it doesn't work out.

Any ideas?

Tortington Mon 17-Oct-11 22:57:01

i think you should contact MIND the charity, they do a peer to peer suport service with some great training for you to be a peer support. you know what it;s like, you could help someone else and get trained to do so. you could get out and volunteer in a field you clearly know a lot about.

win win - becuase you will get to gain more confidence and feel like you have helped someone.

please ring them tomorrow!

alternatively please contact your local volunteer bureau and talk to them about a placement.

its on your terms you see, you are volunteering at your pace you dictate it, i think this would build your confidence, get you to meet other people and some schemes even have qualifications built into the volunteering post. i think this is the best way for you, you can then ease into the world of work without having a big gap in your employment history and you can get to know the area, services and help people along the way

Tortington Mon 17-Oct-11 22:58:20

abendbrot Mon 17-Oct-11 23:00:04

You sound like a lovely person. Do it - I would suggest a part time job with regular hours to help with routine. Perhaps a small shop or cafe?

My brother was ill for years, and working was a brilliant thing for him. The smoking and coffee drinking made him even more anxious but he couldn't see that - his own worst enemy. But working really had a good effect on him.

scarlettsmummy2 Mon 17-Oct-11 23:07:03

You should look up the governments new "Work Programme" and find out who the provider will be in your area- I know that it is Ingeus in Scotland. You can self refer to it as far as I am aware, and their advisers should be able to refer you onto a suitable programme- they will be keen to do this as they get money for doing so.

I know the NHS also run programmes for people who have mental health issues, where they set up paid work placements, however again I imagine this will vary depending on individual trusts.

StaceySprague Thu 20-Oct-11 04:14:36

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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