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Depression / Stress & Work

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chillikate Mon 10-Oct-11 19:52:53


I've been off work (demanding senior management role) for a week now. I have an appintment with my GP tomorrow followed by an appointment with our HR lady who is based 100 miles away.

What should I expect from tomorrows meeting??

A bit of history - work has been really getting me down for about 2 months now, but with some big "events" at work recently I kept plodding along. The last of these was Thurs / Fri week before last so on the Monday I went in to see the MD, which resulted in me being at home for the last week. DS started school in Sept. I'd found August hard and full of guilt because of all the time he spent in nursery. He was incrediblt happy in nursery so it was not a justified concern just "mummy-guilt". Also, I had issues at work with a director claiming my team fell under him. He had me putting everything through him. He was very much against any "special benefits" for parents which caused a lot of issues when DS started school. My "old" boss appeared to still be treating me as one of his and I questioned this several times. A lot of the basis for the conversation with the MD last Monday (my "old" boss) was around this. He has confirmed that I have always been under him and no-one else. When challenged the other director has said that he never said those things thus implying that I am making it all up. Initially I was suppoosed to see HR, MD & this other guy last Thursday but the thought of seeing him made me physically ill and on the verge of completely imploding.

Where do I go from here?? Any advice much appreciated.

I must add, I have a history of depression this was pretty much PND that never went away but got much worse when we relocated for my work 2.5 years ago. I have been off antidepressants for 7 months now.

Grevling Mon 10-Oct-11 22:18:33

You've got to have the meeting. Ask for one with HR/Boss before hand without the director but at some point you need to air your views and let him know that you report to MD and no-one else.

Your not going to solve this by staying at home. I know it's tough but sometimes you just have to grin and bear your way through.

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