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Is it normall to still be waiting over 2 wks for a yes or no following an interview?

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NotInTheMood Mon 10-Oct-11 12:55:45

Dh went for an interview over a month ago. Following this a few weeks later they asked him to complete a series of psychometric tests which took about 3 hrs. Then a week later they asked him to attend a informal chat they said they would let him know by the end of the week. Its been 2 wks and dh has rang and emailed last week to see if they have made a decision and if everything was ok etc but they said they hadn't made one and would let him know beginning of second week again nothing. So he dropped them a casual email and they said the boss was currently away. Surely he should of heard by now and even so it seems wrong to keep people waiting so long especially when they've giving so much of their time. If its a 'No' then we just want to know instead of feeling like he is harrasssing them for an answer sad.

SweetTheSting Mon 10-Oct-11 13:21:24

There is a possibility they have offered it to someone else who hasn't come back to them yet and so they are waiting to see if they need to offer it to their next preference.

Or the boss could have been called away unexpectedly for family stuff etc but they are being discreet.

Or they could be a bit rubbish!

NotInTheMood Mon 10-Oct-11 13:23:33

Hmm its just taking so long I hope they let us know either way especially has there was a lot of preparation for this interview. There were only 6 candidates that made the first interview.

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