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Anyone work 2 jobs?

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morleylass Fri 07-Oct-11 17:05:15

I currently work 21 hours over 4 days (well actually more like 25). There is possibly an opportunity at another organisation for 1 day a week, so I suppose it would mean working my day off. It is however 5 minutes from home and an area that I think I would like some experience in, so could be a good opportunity. I also expressed an interest in increasing my hours at my current job before this opportunity came up which work is happy for and would probably help me as I would be available more often for project meetings etc.

Is there anyone else with an arrangement like this? Does it get very complicated with annual leave etc?
My main concern is that currently I am lucky and have a flexible arrangement with my employer so can switch days and hours about for my and their benefit.
Anyway I am going to find out about this new opportunity next week, I don't even know what they are paying so it may be a non-starter anyway!
Any advice appreciated though,


mydoorisalwaysopen Sat 15-Oct-11 18:11:21

I have two jobs - I work 2 days in one and three days in the other, doing 30 hours in total over the week. When I got the second job my first company offered to up my hours (like, you, I'd already asked, many times) but could only offer a few hours. It might be worth it to get what you really want with the company you're already in. I've only been doing this since Septmeber so it is very early days but so far it's working very well.

Eddas Sat 15-Oct-11 18:25:03

I work 2 jobs. Have done since Sept 2010. One was 15 hours a week (over 3 days) and office based, the other is 8 hours a week term time, home based. I have just recently increased the first job to 25 hours a week (over 5 days) This hasn't caused me any issues annual leave wise but that's because job 2 is term time only and home based. I think it would depend what the jobs are, eg my first job is pretty flexible on leave and as long as I don't clash with one other employee I'm ok. I have 2 school age dc so leave is normally in school holidays so not relevant for the other job really. But I know I am lucky that I am able to take leave pretty much when I like, many other jobs aren't llike it.

I asked my first employer before taking job 2 as I didn't know if I was allowed to do 2 jobs and they didn't mention increasing my hours as they knew the only reason I didn't want more hours with them was childcare (at that time) as the 2nd job was home based.

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