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How long to hear from NHS job website after closing date?

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DougalDaydream Wed 05-Oct-11 16:17:57

I've applied for a job advertised on the NHS jobs website. The closing date is midnight tonight.

Does anyone have experience of applying for a job through the NHS website? How long until you heard something after the closing date?


ceebeegeebies Wed 05-Oct-11 16:20:46

It completely depends on the particular NHS organisation rather then NHS website as a whole.

Once the closing date has gone, the applications will be forwarded to a manager for shortlisting and, only once that has been done, the successful candidates will be informed. The shortlisting process could take anything between a couple of days to a couple of weeks so it could be a while befoer you hear anything.

Good luck and I hope you get some good news smile

DougalDaydream Wed 05-Oct-11 16:26:57

Ok, thanks for that ceebeegeebeies.....I hope it's not too long - I'm going to be checking my emails every two minutes until I hear something.

I wish I didn't want this job so much and then the time wouldn't drag.

I'll let you know smile

twinklytoes Wed 05-Oct-11 21:29:59

I had a post close monday night. I received the link to shortlist at 9am yesterday, it took me till 4pm today to read all 42 applications and compile my shortlist. My HR admin is starting the informing tomorrow. We are working to a tight schedule though as I advertised the interview dates for w/c 17th and feel it appropriate to give a weeks notice of interview date.

good luck, hope your inbox brings good news soon.

DougalDaydream Thu 06-Oct-11 07:14:45

That sounds pretty hopefully it wont be too long if I've been shortlisted. Eeeeeek!

Thanks Twinklytoes smile
And good luck finding the right candidate!

QueenofWhatever Thu 06-Oct-11 13:45:21

Unfortunately you will probably not hear anything if you are not shortlisted largely due to the number of applications. We get around 50 for any job we advertise and usually shortlist four to five. Fingers crossed though.

DougalDaydream Fri 07-Oct-11 06:59:58

I think it's probably going to be a popular position (school hours) so I'm not holding my breath. Thanks QueenofWhatever smile

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