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Returning to work after maternity

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retrohsnevets Sun 02-Oct-11 00:07:54

My partner has returned to work after 12 months maternity. New boss. When she left on maternity she was the head of year of an undergraduate course. When she came back, the job no longer existed. She has returned to a job but it is not the same job she had before maternity. The original position was more senior and not being head of year will impact upon her future career prospects. Is this legal? The job she had has been dissolved and distributed amongst other staff.

AKMD Sun 02-Oct-11 09:46:25

She should be able to return to work org the same terms and conditions as when she left on maternity leave, although she doesn't have to be offered the same job as she took Additonal Maternity Leave. Official advice is here.

AKMD Sun 02-Oct-11 09:46:48


Grevling Sun 02-Oct-11 12:58:29

As above. She is entitled to a suitable job due to leaving for over 6 months.

So that's same pay, same hours, same levels of responsibility. With a bit of flex allowed e.g. you can't say you used to manage 10 people now you have 9 so its no the same level of responsibility etc.

flowery Sun 02-Oct-11 13:45:06

What would your partner like to happen? If the old job no longer exists then she can't have it obviously, but is there a more suitable job available that she feels she ought to have been offered? Does she think she ought to have been made redundant?

She should have been involved and consulted in the restructuring that resulted in her job being removed - was she?

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