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My boss again. Please read!!!

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MrsHuxtable Sat 01-Oct-11 17:16:49

I've been having on-going issues with my boss about my pregnancy, maternity leave and holidays while on sick leave and maternity leave.

My employer claimed that because I've been signed off sick due to pregnancy complications, I would lose my annual leave entitlement for this year. I know that's not true.
He has now changed his story and is claiming that I have taken my annual leave entitlement for this year by manipulating the wage sheet we have at work. I went in today to check it. I was on holiday in Feb for 2 weeks. The second week of those was a paid holiday week, whereas the first was unpaid and I only received the wages for the 1 day I was actually at work that week. The wage sheet at work says as much (week one: unpaid leave, week two: paid leave). My boss has now gone and crossed out the "unpaid leave" and wrote "paid leave" behind it. I know that this is a lie so have checked my wage slips from the weeks in question and they clearly correspond with my version of events. The wage slip from week 1 states that I have been paid for the one day worked, and the wage slip from week 2 states that I received one weeks holiday pay.

How do I broach this with my boss? Surely My wage slips should count more than a sheet at work that is openly lying around for anyone to tamper with?

Mummawummadooda Sat 01-Oct-11 17:33:19

Hey, photocopy them and show them to him. Don't show him an original, do it over a coffee outside the office trying to keep it low key, before frying his ass in oil (save that for later!) good luck

KatieMiddleton Sat 01-Oct-11 17:46:59

Do you have an HR department? Tbh I'd go to them. He's on dodgy ground harrassing a pregnant woman and he must know he's being a berk.

I wouldn't show him anything yet but I would collect the evidence by photocopying the amendment.

MrsHuxtable Sat 01-Oct-11 18:13:41

Thanks for the replies. I will go in on Monday and photocopy the sheet in question. I will also not let him have my original wage slips.

I have no HR department, he is my actual employer, owning the business.

I'm thinking I will play it nicely to begin with, pointing out that it was probably a misunderstanding. He's being so dodgy though, crossing out and rewriting that wage sheet half a year later. Surely he must know what he's doing?

BerylStreep Wed 05-Oct-11 15:39:45

MrsH, is this the same boss who will not pay you maternity leave?

Have you spoken to ACAS?

gallicgirl Wed 05-Oct-11 16:05:54

Oh I remember this guy.

Is his business struggling that much that he has to try and diddle you out of a week's holiday pay? He sounds really mean.

Keep all your payslips, bank statements and most importantly your P60 as that is official tax document. I'd also look for another job!

MrsHuxtable Wed 05-Oct-11 18:51:45

Beryl, no, I will claim maternity allowance so the actual maternity pay has nothing to do with him. He wanted to refuse me my annual leave while on maternity leave and just pay me in lieu.
I have spoken to ACAS but was very unfortunate as I got a guy on the phone that didn't even understand my problem. I have, however, also spoken to a specialist in employment law who has reassured me that pay in lieu of holidays can only be enforced if the employment is terminated.

gallicgirl - It's not at all about his business strugelling. He is doing it out of pure viciousness because he considers me getting pregnant an inconvinience to him.

I have in the meanwhile made photocopies of the offending and manipulated holiday sheet!

Things have moved on since my last post on this board. I posted in Chat yesterday (you can find it if you click on my name) because I was so upset about what happened yesterday.

I go into work about once a week (still signed off sick) to pick up my sick pay. I did that this week on monday. Yesterday I was on my way back home, passing my work and went in because I wanted to buy a few things only we sell. I sat down to have a rest and had a tea. I wasn't talking to anyone, just minding my own business reading, when the boss and his wife came in. She went up to me and told me that I could not be in the shop as I was disturbing the other staff and stopping them from doing work. I replied that I had not been talking to anyone. She said, she is of a different opinion and "the girls" had complained to her about me being there. Then the male boss chips in and says that he agrees.
Now firstly, I hadn't been talking to staff and secondly, even if I had, I know they wouldn't have complained as "the girls" are actually my friends.
It was like they were looking for a reason to upset me. I felt so bullied, I just got up and left. Spent the rest of the afternoon sobbing.

I am convinced they are trying to get me to quit since they can't get rid of me in another way. I'm exhausted....


BerylStreep Wed 05-Oct-11 19:47:47

That's right, I remember now.

I don't know if there is much you can do about yesterday, other than not give him an opportunity to have a go at you again. Make sure you keep good notes about exactly what was said, who else was there, etc. If you eventually feel forced to quit and claim constructive dismissal, then you will need all evidence.

It does sound like they are trying to get you to quit. When are you due again? Can you hang in there until you go on Mat leave?

He sounds awful, but try your best to detach yourself from this. (Easy to say, I wish I could take my own advice).

MrsHuxtable Wed 05-Oct-11 20:37:26

I know I can't do anything about yesterday. It was just one of those little things they do to upset me.

I'm due in early February. I won't quit and will stick it out as my GP will sign me off sick til I start maternity leave as work is also not doing a proper risk assessment or amending my duties to allow me to return to work. They have done the opposite and changed one of my shifts so that it makes the physical aspect of work even harder for me.

I should get my MatB1 (?) from the midwife tomorrow and once I have that, I will write him a formal letter about my dates and the whole holiday issue.

Can I insist he replies to me in writing? I can't deal with the way he talks to me...I will also, from now on, send DH in to pick up my sick pay etc.

BerylStreep Thu 06-Oct-11 18:01:55

Good idea to send DH to collect sick pay.

I know you don't feel like it, but when you are writing your letter, try to be upbeat, helpful and reasonable.

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