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Whistle blowing in an organisation you don't work for???

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SexyDomesticatedDab Thu 29-Sep-11 10:51:24

DW works as a teacher (over 25 years experience) for County Council and for last few years worked in a small specialist school for EDB (behavior and learning type). School has gone through quite a major re-org during the last 12 months - first a temp head, then a new head and quite a few of the old staff left or took voluntary redundancy. Then school had to loose a couple more teachers - DW had skills review and stayed on (as end of last school term but said here type of role would change within the school and would have to do more 'mainstream' teaching).

New timetable given at the end of last year - taking more subjects she is not qualified to do and does not enjoy at all! She has worked hard to get up to speed but school seems to offer little support and structure to what is needed - go find it yourself attitude.

DW is quite stressed with it all and working hard but struggling. One newly appointed teacher from end of last year lasted 2 weeks (allegedly staff were told she was a good teacher - the sort we need in this school). Atmosphere is very bad in general. The head in a meeting said the staff moral is very low and they could write down issues annonymously (difficult in such a small school) to be addressed. Allegedly no-one did - so head assumes everyone is OK.

DW doesn't want to put anything in writing and just wants out and just wants out.

I realise this is all 3rd hand / hearsay but the school seems to be in a bit of a mess and the leadership is very much take it or leave it.

So could I / should I go through the confidential line to talk to someone about the concerns? I hate to see her so upset by some of the things that happen - she likes teaching and even the kids who can be very difficult relate to her well and generally enjoys the challenge. Not sure if anything would change.

She has a 'mentor' in the SLT who was posted last year and found his job being advertised but not told (was on a 1 year contract) - another example of the lack of good HR management.

Sorry for long post - was up half the night thinking this through!!

ElbowFan Thu 29-Sep-11 18:50:12

You could see what advice TES has to offer - there may be more people on the forums there with direct experience of this. (Not saying that MN does not attract teachers but TES is mainly for teachers)

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