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Running out of patience...

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InTheSunshine Wed 28-Sep-11 19:03:31

I work alongside someone who is struggling with their job, both workload & level of responsibility. This impacts on my performance as I am reliant on his team delivering solutions. I've been tolerant, patient, helpful & supportive but I'm at the end of my patience now. It's affecting my motivation levels. My boss is aware but just seems to give him chance after chance. Any ideas as to what I should next?

ClaudiaSchiffer Thu 29-Sep-11 06:08:14

It sounds like your boss needs to be more supportive to both you (by addressing the issue with your colleague), and your colleague by actually helping reduce the workload/responsibility. Can you talk to your boss again and let him/her know how it is impacting you? Or is there someone in HR you can discuss your issues with?
It would piss me off to if I was constantly carrying someone at work.

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