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For those of you who may know something about employment law, need your help.(already posted in chat so don't feel you need to read again!!)

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Stokey38 Tue 27-Sep-11 16:41:09

Bit confused re my position at work - can you help? I have been working here since February 09 and I job share so I work 2 days a week. The person I job share with is retiring in January and the expectation (although this was never formalised) was that I would work full time once she had retired but having thought about this I decided this wasn't for me and so I told my employers that I would be interested in an extra day but not full time position. I spoke to my line manager who told me that they would be looking at a full time person from January but she would discuss this further with the partners and get back to me, they did offer me the full time role but I declined (this was about 8 weeks ago). Last week my line manager told me that they had definitely decided that a full time role would suit them and that my job share role would be made redundant but were at great lengths to say that wanted to do the right thing by me financially and morally and would get back to me this week to discuss terms and package. Anyway, yesterday sat down with the partner expecting just to be told about terms etc and the conversation was that I could stay part time and that legally and morally (they like that word here) they couldn't make me redundant as it would be descriminating against my part time status which is against employment law, etc and they didn't want me to feel pushed out, however, I could choose to take voluntary redundancy and I would get 4 months pay and could stay until December. Now, I am confused now as it seems to be a complete u turn from last week and I thought that they could make my position redundant as long as they had offered me an alternative (which they have). To be honest, I'd really like to stay but could someone let me know where I stand legally and if this is just something that they have to tell me and can still make me redundant. Thank you - hope this isn't too long and rambling!

hairylights Tue 27-Sep-11 22:47:58

How bice of them! They've given you the choice to make. Sounds like they've been very fair to you and very honest. Good luck with your decision.

Tortington Tue 27-Sep-11 22:50:33

not an expert but pretty sure they cant make one person redundant and then give another person that persons role

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