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resigning during probation period - is it worth doing it now?

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kayah Mon 26-Sep-11 21:27:14

a bit of a background....
got this job mid Feb, 6 months probation on one week notice either way
first couple of months - nothing but a praise how well I am doing and fitting in
then nothing until July when I learned I am not meeting expectations...
that was the mid year appraisal (a month earlier was a big reshuffle in the management of teams etc, so I started reporting to a team lead not the old manager)
nothing was said to me about how to improve etc

came back from my holiday and as my contract was due to be made permanent I got a letter in which they were saying how bad I was, what needs improving and they are giving me 3 more months
with improvement plan etc

as time progresses I realized that really I would prefer different job, more like what I used to have before this one so as it happens losing this one will hurt me financially, but not on personal level
team lead tells me that on the day i was not there they were able to work better as I didn't distracted them with my questions (that was rude tbh)


the manager keeps telling me - I am on one week notice,,,
that they can cease it any time (so do I as it happens smile)

this extended period finishes second week of Nov

If I resign now - am I loosing on probably not being able to claim unemployment/JSA?

how does it look like if they give me notice before this contract expires.

If I last till the end of it - can I claim JSA then?

I haven't got a job to go to yet and in order to get to interviews I am aspiring for I need 4-6 weeks of solid revisions. So having free time as in not working would help, but then salary will go and that can be a bit painfull for my financial stability in short term.

What is the best position to be as an employee in this situation?

flowery Tue 27-Sep-11 09:20:12

Two issues I can see- whether you qualify for JSA if you resign and/or if you are dismissed for performance reasons, and the question of reason for leaving if you need to refer to this job in future or may need a reference.

You'll need to check the rules about JSA obviously which I imagine are on the website, and then make a decision. Resigning obviously better than being sacked from a future employers point I'd view.

kayah Tue 27-Sep-11 19:58:52

I agree that asking for reference is likely to be awkward.
They have got no problem with my attitude, punctuality, how I fit in with the team, volunteering for tasks.
Is more about that I am not a good fit for this type of job and I agree.
It was harsh to hear the truth, but no point pretending otherwise.

That why I though if i resign it will look better from the point of view of telling the truth that I am not a good fit for this role.

Do you think I could ask my team leader how references are given by this company? etc..

In my last one company never gave references, just confirmation of length of service, references were given personally by colleagues/managers.

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