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Confirmation I don't need to pay for unworked notice period please

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pecanpie Fri 23-Sep-11 09:48:55

Nanny took additional holiday without having an allowance and without confirming the dates with me. I was left without childcare for a full working week and no contact from nanny for almost 48 hours after her return, finally getting some feedback via facebook.

This was the final straw and I sent her a letter terminating her contract. We're within a year's employment so no reason was stated, although I did send a separate letter with regards to the days she didn't turn up, including a copy of her holiday form, dates taken and allocation which were clearly provided on 2 occasions. There are additional reasons which came to light during her absence which have also contributed to the termination of her contract.

Her response on fb (!!)

im sorry pecan i will not be coming bak to you all this confusion and misunderstanding has made me feel very uncomfortable to come into work i can assure you i told you the exact dates i was going on holiday somewhere along the line there has been big confusion thanks will you let me no when i wil be gettin paid regards nanny

(and it always comes back to when she will be paid - same time every month but still get consistently harassed).

Flowery or Ribena or anyone else, are you around to confirm that I don't need to pay for unworked notice period, which I have said she needs to work?


flowery Fri 23-Sep-11 10:02:04

No, if you expect her to work her notice and she's refused to do so you don't need to pay her for it - just pay for time worked.

pecanpie Fri 23-Sep-11 10:06:25

Excellent - thanks. I did have a similar conversation with a RL Mumsnetter but just wanted to extra double check.

Thank you!

figgygal Fri 23-Sep-11 13:21:43

Agree with the above she cant have it both ways!!

If you had terminated immediately she might have had claim for breach of contract but if she refusing to work notice then she opting out of payment.

sounds like you well rid of her!!

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