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Please can anyone offer advice?

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LastMinuteDotCom Wed 21-Sep-11 15:21:31

Hi there,

I'm a regular MNer, but have namechanged just to make sure I'm not identifiable.

I received a letter from my employers inviting me to a formal meeting with my line manager and his manager (director). I have been told the purpose of this meeting is to discuss the future of the business. I have been told I may bring someone with me, but they have to be an employee of the company (I work very remotely, the is no-one else in my division closer than 300 miles away, so I'll have to ask someone in another division). I haven't been told what will be discussed, meaning I don't have any opportunity to prepare. I have been told it isn't a disciplinary issue, but that nothing else can be said. They wouldn't confirm whether or not anyone else has been asked to have a similar meeting. I'm also 19 weeks pregnant.

Does this sound normal practice? I'm assuming I'm going to be told my job is being made redundant, but my previous experience of redundancy was much less unpleasant; my manager gave me the heads up and really supported me. I'm feeling very isolated and out of the loop.

If anyone can comment on how things are normally done, and how this compares, Id be really very grateful.

hairylights Wed 21-Sep-11 20:59:27

I would also guess it's part if redundancy consultation.

At my work we specify in the letter that it's redundancy consultation if that's what it is.

laracroft2001 Wed 21-Sep-11 21:33:43

i would insist on some information before hand so you can prepare.

Not right to expect you to just turn up to a meeting like this with no preparation at all.

seems a bit odd to me...

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