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Accepting an offer, then rejecting it for another offer.

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indecisivequandry Tue 20-Sep-11 20:33:58

Well, well, well ... this is hypothetical at this point. I have name changed for this but am a regular on other boards.

I have verbally accepted a position with Company A last week.

Since then, Company B has asked me to come back for second interview. For various reasons, I have decided to go.

Company B is my fantasy job. It is close to home, offers more money and better prospects. If they offer it to me, I would be an idiot not to take it.

I know its not "nice" or the done thing to reject a job one accepted but this stuff must happen all the time, right? I mean, I have been shafted before by a company "changing its mind" after having made an offer blush angry.

Would they have any legal re-dress though if I DID do this? Bearing in mind I could turn up for a day and then resign. They would just be really really angry right? (and understandably so!).

23balloons Tue 20-Sep-11 22:02:49

I did this recently. Job 1 was 20 hrs/wk all year, Job 2 was 17.5 hrs/wk 38 wks/yr & a job I really wanted.

At the end of the day I made the best decision for me, I tried to phone but only got voice mail, so emailed explaining I had been offered a role that fit better with my family commitments. They were fine about it & thanked me for letting them know. Hopefully they had a 2nd choice as they did interview 8 people. So not only did I get a job I preferred somebody else who thought they didn't get the job subsequently got it smile I hadn't actually signed a contract though, it was just a verbal acceptance.

ColdSancerre Tue 20-Sep-11 22:06:09

I don't think they can do anything. They can't force you to work for them after all. Take the job that suits you best.

Sallystevo Thu 22-Sep-11 15:33:58

They wouldn't have any legal redress no, as ColdSancerre says - they can't FORCE you to work for them.

Congrats on your new fantasy job!

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