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gemdrop84 Tue 20-Sep-11 09:26:32

Dont even know where to start&whether Im being totally unreasonable re this issue at work. In need of advise. Started a new job after being at home for nearly 3yrs with my dd.
I was informed at the interview that I would be working at building A but I am employed on the basis that I will eventually be moved to a new building in another town (lets call it buliding B) once its opened. This was fab as B is much nearer to where I live and more public transport is available. I have done 5 wks full time training and just finishing my 3rd wk working part time. There seemed to be a bit of confusion in training about the new building as some staff stated we had to request to go over there to B and then stated we had to request to stay at building A if thats what we wanted and the business would do its best to accomodate our needs. We checked with an employee who is a rep for all staff and he sent an email (which I still have) stating all staff joined most recently were employed on the basis to be working in building B. Some of the group were unhappy so our trainer spoke with HR who confirmed verbally this is the case. I have now received an email on sunday stating that all part time staff will actually be staying at building A and I cant even request to move.
Can they do this? Also I finish at 9pm one evening and have walk to&wait at a dark isolated train station for 50 minutes, there are no other people that get the train, some of the girls have offered to drop me off at the station but I cant rely on them all the time. I was happy doing this as I thought it would only be for a few months and temporary. They wont even allow me to work 10minutes early so I can leave early and catch a train at 9.05pm.
Sorry this is long. What should I do?

hairylights Tue 20-Sep-11 09:32:05

What does it say in your contract about your base?

gemdrop84 Tue 20-Sep-11 10:06:24

it says Im based on building a, but as I say I was informed in interview and in training by HR, Id be employed on the basis of being moved to building b. Does that mean there's nothing else I can do if it states that in my contract?

hairylights Tue 20-Sep-11 11:24:34

Its very frustrating for you.

I don't think it means there is nothing you can do but I think it will depend on how likely they are to be flexible about it and how far it's worth going in arguing your point.

I suppose to me, If you've signed a contract saying building a is your base then that is your official base. You can of course argue that a different verbal agreement was made at interview and in training but as I say it will be about weighing up how important it is to you and how far you are prepared to take it.

Grevling Tue 20-Sep-11 14:46:54

As hairy said. Doesn't really matter what they said. Its all verbal and it's proving it that's the problem.

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