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Anyone good at holidays come & help me work out dhs please!

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HarrietJones Sat 17-Sep-11 08:54:31

Job 1-It's statuatory ( we assume - doesn't have a contract- don't ask!).
He started in April, works 15 hours a week but occasionally (5-6 weeks so far) has done 30. He's taken 2 days so far (15 hours).

Job 2- 5.6 weeks but is on a casual contract. Started in June. Has done an average of 25 hours a week but the work slows down now for a couple of months so may use holidays to boost the pay IYSWIM.
In the contract it says holidays must be taken infill week blocks so he needs to have earnt a weeks holiday to take it. But how do they know how much a week is?

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and especially those who understand it!

Grevling Sun 18-Sep-11 14:15:13

What are his shift patterns in each job?

You only get 20+8 days if you're on a 9-5 job, 5 days a week. If you're on 4 on 4 off then other limits apply.

HarrietJones Sun 18-Sep-11 14:47:09

Job1- 9-5 ish ( 7.5 days)

Job 2- anything between 6& 9 hour shifts.

HarrietJones Sun 18-Sep-11 21:04:24


HarrietJones Mon 19-Sep-11 20:00:00

And again!

HarrietJones Tue 20-Sep-11 10:07:18

Last try!

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