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If prospective employers take up references ...

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TessoftheD Fri 16-Sep-11 19:28:13 likely is it that you will be asked for an interview? I've applied for my dream job, despite the fact that I don't have the required qualification yet (about to start studying for it) not thinking for a second that I'd get anywhere. Amazingly, the organisation contacted both of my referees yesterday! Now I'm on tenterhooks... trying to tell myself not to get too excited, but would they go to the trouble of getting references if they weren't going to shortlist me? This is going to be a long weekend.....

Slambang Fri 16-Sep-11 19:29:18

Sounds good to me.

MamaChocoholic Fri 16-Sep-11 19:38:47

I only take up references of the people I've already decided to interview, so that I can ask the candidates about anything that gets flagged up. so sounds good to me too smile

flowery Fri 16-Sep-11 19:42:01

It would seem a spectacular waste of time to take up references for everyone applying for a job, so yes I agree it sounds good.

IME most places only take up references once they've offered the job. Offers are subject to satisfactory references, rather than what the referee says being a major factor in deciding who's best for the role.

mumofsoontobelawstudent Fri 16-Sep-11 19:43:21

sounds VERY promising. Fingers crossed for you

TessoftheD Fri 16-Sep-11 19:49:58

Must not get excited, must not get excited (repeat x 10).... thank you for your kind words!

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