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What to do for the best?

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mytime777 Fri 16-Sep-11 15:55:19

Hi, not sure where best to post this but hoping to get some advice.

Basically I'm 27 and have been at my job for less thana year. I hate it as I have to travel so much and and field basedand travel all over the Uk. In an ideal situation I would get a new job closer to home ( that doesnt required lots of travel), work there for a few months then
start trying for a baby. Problem is I have been looking for a new job since may and despite having Interviews keep gettibg rejected. Over qualified or inderqualified. Can't find something that is at the level I want.

So anyways my thoughts are should I keep trying to juggle my current role, try to fit In interviews( which is hard when I am based all over the Uk) and wait for anew role then one I have settled try for a baby or should I get cracking now. Grin and bear my current job for 9 months thengo off on maternity and not go back? Think is my job is quite stressful am as I said I spend all day on the roads. Is this practical when pregnant? Early on it will be fine but I imagine later on it will be hard going?

Help and advice greatly appreciated !


Folu Fri 16-Sep-11 16:03:23

Before the recession, my respond would have been different. I think you should draw up a pro/cons list of staying at your current role versus quitting before getting another job.

You have to make sure you are in a financial position before quitting as you know, there are probably 150 applicants per 1 vacancy.

Can your partner/husband support the family financially if you quit.

There's nothing that ruins a relationship quicker than financial strain so be smart and good luck.

mytime777 Fri 16-Sep-11 16:59:08

Sorry for all the typos's ! Typing on my iPhone and can't seem to go up to view what I have already written. Typing fast on the small keypad...sad
Thanks fr your responce. I don't think I'll be able to quit now. What I meant was not to return after I have had a baby. ( get the maternity pay and run!!) well look for another job then.
I get so stressed out with my job and it makes me in happy. Plus as part of me things it is an impractical job to have whilst pregnant also I have the burden that I can't 'get on with my life, babies, wedding etc until u god a new one.

Just don't know what to doconfused so hard staying motivate to keep applyIng for jobs and interviewing when u get rejected and each time I feel further away from being able to settle down and start a family.
Any other field based ladies out there that have had babies in that role? Is it hard going all that driving with a growing bump??

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