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Anyone work for Monsoon/Accessorize?

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MonsoonsAcomin Sun 11-Sep-11 20:01:12

My sister just got a job there and has been told she has a £250 allowance per month to buy uniform with a dicount.

is the £250 without discount?

Ie she has £250 to spend in full price items or does she have the discount taken off then it comes off her balance?

so if she had £100 on her allowance and bought a dress for £100 with a 50% staff discount would that be her £100 allowance used or would she have £50 left?

hope that makes sense!

mummymccar Sun 11-Sep-11 20:16:13

A friend of mine worked there for a while (not me) some years ago and I think it was with discount then. Not sure now though but didn't want this to go unanswered.
She should ask her line manager - they'll know for definite.

Mbear Sun 11-Sep-11 20:41:26

Normally those discounts are for the full price value, that they then get the discount off - so she can have £250 worth of merchandise (at fp) and she will pay say £125 (that's with 50% off). There is often a maximum spend limit, so staff can't buy loads of cheap stuff and sell it on for a profit.

But agree with mummymccar who says to check with her manager, who will clarify.

MonsoonsAcomin Mon 12-Sep-11 09:35:53

Thanks, shes very young and its her first job so shes a bit embarresed about asking when it was explained but she didn't catch it all.

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