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Preg, on crutches & in pain. Any advise on what I should expect/ask for please?

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harassedandherbug Thu 08-Sep-11 20:24:02

Firstly a bit of background. I'm a manager (in name only really, I have one person working for me!) in a very small company. 15 employees inc me. It's very un-pc: no hr, minimal h & s, md smokes in the factory when the employees have gone home. When I told my boss I was preg he said I was a bloody nuisance in a half joking kind of way, moaned about the money he'd have to pay for sitting on my arse etc etc.

I'm 25wks now and have a pretty rotten dose of spd, so am on crutches to help me get around and try to minimise it. My office is upstairs, loos are downstairs. Even getting into the building is a pain. I either attempt the temp stairs by the loading bay, or walk up the road with my bags and crutches. Neither great - I've tried both!

So...... should they be doing anything?? I'm really struggling, but came home practically in tears tonight as it's just draining me. Meanwhile, apart from an initial conversation with my boss to check it was ok to use crutches (my physio said I should check) nothing has been mentioned. I'm so tempted to phone in sick as I'm just exhausted, but at the end of the day I've got to get through the next few months.

An0therName Thu 08-Sep-11 21:57:30

firstly your manager won't have to pay anything for your maternity pay as it will get it all and a bit more from the goverment
clearly they will need to sort your cover - and probably sooner rather than later
they should do a risk assesment - but what would work for you
any chance you can work from home at all - as I am afraid I have known a few people with SPD and they have taken early maternity leave - sorry

hairylights Thu 08-Sep-11 22:00:30

If there are things you will now struggle to do go and see the doctor and get a "fit note" which might include light duties and possibly fewer hours (which might mean less pay).

harassedandherbug Fri 09-Sep-11 09:10:29

AnOther - he knows that, I know that.... but that's his attitude iykwim. I've spoken to him on more than one occasion about cover, particularly as my job is in a very specialised industry and it needs more than a week or two to train somebody. I'm planning on going on ML on 2 Dec when I'll be 37wks, whether that will still hold now I don't know but I can only try.

What I may do is take some time off sick, as I get 8 wks paid sick leave in a 12mth period..

hairy thanks, I hadn't thought about a fit note! I'm already part time, but could just do with a bit of support instead of feeling like I'm invisible.

An0therName Fri 09-Sep-11 10:09:48

I would take a week of fairly soon - or maybe get signed off for 2 or so - that might concentrate minds - but if its too close to when the maternity leave is soppsed to start I think the employer can insist you start maternity leave instead of taking sick leave - this has downside for them of course as then you are off and can't work at all but worth checking out

MrsHuxtable Fri 09-Sep-11 10:48:24

Your employer can only force you start ML if you're sick from week 36, not before that. The law has changed a few years ago.

notcitrus Fri 09-Sep-11 11:00:55

I'm assuming if it's a factory that it's not the sort of job that could be done from home? Could you move your desk to be downstairs near the loos?
Also what about a folding wheelchair - I got mine from but the Red Cross lend them out for free - though they may not have self-propelling ones. I used one outside the house for 3 months and it meant I could do stuff that was just impossible otherwise, even though I could get up and down stairs when I really had to.

I had SPD and ended up starting mat leave at 33wks instead of 37, but what I should have done was taken more time off sick beforehand. Apart from anything else that would have focused my bosses' minds and left me less exhausted before labour.

I'd also start writing the ad for your maternity cover, as IME managers never get round to that early enough!

Best wishes!

harassedandherbug Mon 12-Sep-11 12:14:51

Thank you for all your posts and advice.

I've phoned in sick today, I just couldn't face it! Unfortunately can't get a doc appointment this week, but receptionist recommended I try later. Will see how I get on......

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