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I'm completely naffed off.

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TheDailyWail Wed 07-Sep-11 22:48:59

I found out today that my colleague applied for the same job as me. She got an interview and I didn't.

It was an external job but fairly similar to our role. Which is why we were both drawn to this particular job. I also very recently applied for a similar job and I was only one of four selected for interview from a very high number of applicants.

Would you ring the company and ask why I didn't make the shortlist? What could I say to them without sounding whiney and petulant?

timidviper Wed 07-Sep-11 22:51:39

I think if you just ask for feedback on your application and how you might have improved it to be of more interest to them it's fine. If you do whine though, maybe not! grin

TheDailyWail Wed 07-Sep-11 23:00:45

I know! It's going to be hard to avoid whining. I make such an effort with my applications. I read up on reports and government papers along and evidence this along with putting down my relevant voluntary work I do.

HolyMolars Wed 07-Sep-11 23:50:26

AIBU? I have worked part time for a firm for 4 years - contract says 20 hours per week which fall on M,T & W. COntract says 20 days off pro rata and "In addition you are entitled to all bank holidays paid". I have also, because they are vwry busy, done a stack of regular overtime to help manage the work ane prevent the loss of a load of clients.

Then a new part timer started and does T, W and Thurs (YOU guesssed it -)she then whined that she did not get bank hols cos she does not work Mondays when most bank hols fall, and after much emailing of HR bods, MY leave allocation was then recalculated so that I lose my paid bank hols and I am incensed, bloody furious, incandescent and effing seething. Or should I just accept this as reasonable? Advice please as seriously hacked orf!

MadamDeathstare Wed 07-Sep-11 23:54:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheDailyWail Thu 08-Sep-11 09:26:25

I've rung them! I'm waiting for a call back from one of the interview panel.

TheDailyWail Fri 09-Sep-11 18:14:13

They phoned today. Do you know how sometimes you wish you had never asked? Because you would always disagree with their opinion.

They said I didn't sell myself well enough. Oh well. Back to the drawing board. I had to cut out a huge amount from the application due to the recruitment website limiting characters to just 4000 letters.

Grevling Sat 10-Sep-11 10:13:48

"They said I didn't sell myself well enough."

I wouldn't take it to heart that is a default response. In reality what I think has happened is someone has been skin reading applications to cut the wheat from the chaff and just put yours in the chaff pile.

No one is to blame if they got 100 applicants if they spend 3 mins reading each CV that is probably best part of a days work for someone. Most people just find 5 good ones then draw the line there.

TheDailyWail Sun 11-Sep-11 13:03:00

Thanks Grevling. smile

I was really grumpy about it on Friday. I'm over it now. grin


There was truth in what the lady said but I know to add most of it in the additional information bit next time.

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