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Minus273 Tue 06-Sep-11 12:47:59

My DH has been given redundancy notice this morning and I am freaking out. I am 6months pregnant and only work part time and obviously was going on mat leave. I had been looking for full time work before falling pregnant but rarely even got to interview stage (I assume I am pretty much unemployable sad).

We have been told we will not be entitled to any benefits as I work. I can go back to work early before my paid part of mat leave ends but only marginally helps as I will have to support 4 of us on 8K pa. My mum has offered us her spare room to live in so that is a help too. I have asked about extending my hours but have been told no as there is a hiring freeze.

I have achieved absolutely nothing this morning and am starting to panic. We basically have 3 months for one of us to find a full time job and Can't see a way through to doing that. Where do I start?

Minus273 Tue 06-Sep-11 14:10:36

Anyone? I desperately need impartial, calm advice to get me started on find a job as failure is not an option. I can't think straight because I am so worried.

chutneypig Tue 06-Sep-11 16:21:20

I'm by no means an expert but didn't want to leave this unanswered.

Today will have been a big shock for you both so I'd take a deep breath for a couple of days, you'll think more clearly for it. It must feel so overwhelming at the moment.

Please don't think you're unemployable because you've not been getting interviews, it's a tough time. I know that isn't a help in some senses but thinking you're unemployable is bang off track. I'm reckonning at the moment I'm getting an interview 1 in 4 applications, but I'm in a very specialised area.

The whole process is so up and down but one thing I've found is pulling your cv together can give a real boost and try and make the most of contacts for you both.

Hopefully someone will be along with some more concrete advice.

Minus273 Tue 06-Sep-11 19:34:33

Hopeful bump.

An0therName Wed 07-Sep-11 08:48:42

If you are only going to be getting 8 K you must be able to get some benifits at that point - tax credits etc
this will be a good place to start - and your DH wouldI think get JSA at least

What about your DH's prospects -will he get redundancy pay?

I would say 1 in 4 is max I am getting for interviews as well- its mainly a numbers game -get a friend to review your CV
but is there any benift in you getting a job now - even if you got one tomorrow it would take a few weeks to move - get references, give notice on old job - make maternity pay more complex etc

Minus273 Wed 07-Sep-11 09:12:14

I'm trying to work out if it will be feasible to only take 2 weeks mat leave. What's worrying me is that I was really ill after having dd and if the same happens not sure how I would be in a fit state to work. I only work 12hr/week so I'm not entitled to WTC.

DH will get paid until Dec with a little redundancy which should just cover our loan and clear that. The job prospects around here are not good at all sad. I wasn't even achieving 1 in 4. I applied for 226 jobs and got 3 interviews sad.

An0therName Wed 07-Sep-11 09:20:05

Could you get another part time job - that would up your hours
have you tried post office - they have some going
job centre plus have quite lot of jobs

Minus273 Wed 07-Sep-11 09:23:54

I've tried everywhere, supermarkets, offices, cleaning jobs. I'm either over qualified or not experienced enough. At least that's when I do actually get feedback. I'm about to start work on DH's CV again then run some searches for him. He had to go into work this morning and he was not happy about it, he's very low. They legally have to let him have time off for interviews don't they?

Grumpla Wed 07-Sep-11 09:29:16

Firstly, I would get down to the CAB and find out what the situation will actually be re benefits, income support etc. If you are living on 8k a year there WILL be support for you until the Tories get rid of it

Then I would research CV help. There is a service based in my city library, you could also ask in job centre, that does free CV clinics. Make sure that your CV is as good as it can be, and make sure that any applications either of you make are spelt properly etc - little things really count.

I think attempting to go back to work after two weeks is actually illegal - and even f not, totally impractical.

Check out some of the moneysaving threads elsewhere on MN for tips on cutting your expenditure now. Phones, TV, changing power suppliers etc can all bring your outgoings down immediately.

Stay positive. Yes, living in your mum's spare room won't be ideal but a) it may not come to that and b) it's good to have a plan B.


Good luck.

Minus273 Wed 07-Sep-11 09:36:09

Living in my mum's spare room is looking like plan A at the moment. I have worked out a budget and rent + CT+ gas and electricity put us in the red. So even if we eat nothing, don't use any nappies or toiletries then we are still haemorraghing money.

The Mat leave paper work I have says that 2 weeks is the legal minimum I have to take. I agree its probably impractical especially as last time I was still ill at my 6 week check. I'm just not sure there is much option.

monoid Wed 07-Sep-11 10:04:12

If you're only working 12 hours a week and your DH isn't working, and you have savings of less than £5000 (I think... it might be more than that) you should be entitled to jobseekers allowance. Certainly, at least some, housing benefit and council tax benefit (if you have savings of under £20,000)
Try this benefit checker:
[[ benefit checker]
it should tell you what you can claim for.

monoid Wed 07-Sep-11 10:04:48

crap - link didn't work
benefit checker

mistlethrush Wed 07-Sep-11 10:12:08

My DH's company went into receivership 2.5 yrs ago. I was lucky in that I was able to increase my hours to full time from 4 dpw. Despite my salary, dh did get jobseekers for 6 mo (although it then stopped that left us in a very bad place). He has got a job now though.

What are your DH's skills? Make sure his CV makes the most of them. Get on-line searching for jobs. Make sure he doesn't get too low to actually search properly (I'm sure my dh did for a bit).

Minus273 Wed 07-Sep-11 10:26:04

His skills are computers, database management etc. He's in a worse state today, called me in tears. Was trying to tell him everything is fine, he doesn't believe me, can't blame him when I don't really believe it myself.

I have his CV open on screen and all I have managed to do so far is stare at it sad

Minus273 Wed 07-Sep-11 10:38:48

I am so bad at this. Do I leave off his school qualifications and how far back to I go with job history? confused.

mistlethrush Wed 07-Sep-11 11:05:06

Minus - there are some decent computer agents out there. Dh is in that field and has ended up doing contracts just because the right FT job in our area didn't come up and he had to get something. It took a while to get the first - and it was on a lower rate than ideal, but it was a job. The next one was on a better rate. The current one is on a better rate again. Still not wonderful - but OK. He was having to stay away during the week - which he did at the start of this contract - but he's mainly working from home now which is a lot easier and also cheaper. You need to be flexible - it might not be ideal, but bringing some money in and having a job is clearly really important.

So - get searching for some jobs that seem to match his skillset, get his details out.

Yes, all job history, any qualifications (professional etc), college courses then a line on school results (although I'm not that good on CVs - have seen DH's).

TartyMcFarty Wed 07-Sep-11 14:35:41

Calm down and think about what you're suggesting here - to go back to work 2 weeks after giving birth would not be in the interests of your family. In the worst case scenario, you may have to take your mum up on her offer (do you own or rent, by the way?) Is that the end of the world as a temporary measure?

There is time between now and then for your DH's prospects to alter drastically. Does he have any expertise in networking btw? I believe there's a shortage, but I'm ill-informed.

Try to stop panicking, it's not going to change anything or help you and your baby. Good luck.

An0therName Wed 07-Sep-11 19:31:36

IT jobs are really in demand honestly - he might have to look a wide area -would you consider a move? or your DH working away ? my DH was looking for a while and Leeds seemed to have a lot - we have moved down south through now
my DH has a database job going at his place in a couple of weeks -when it comes out I could PM you the link if you are interested
The libary normally has lots of books on CVs and dealing with redundancy - also I found a book called Killer CVs very good

Minus273 Wed 07-Sep-11 19:41:15

He'd do anything rather than be unemployed tbh not much around here in general. It is so humiliating, the job centre people I have come across are so condescending, I would go as far as saying they treat you like scum. The certainly look at you as if you are something they trod in. It just makes the whole thing worse.

I know what you are saying tarty but my baby needs clothes and nappies too and that takes money.

chutneypig Wed 07-Sep-11 21:07:47

The job centre can put him in touch with recruitment consultants for professionals who can provide cv and covering letter support, along with wider job searches. That could prove very helpful. There's also a lot of templates out there on line, perhaps a skills based cv might work better seeing as he has a lot of experience?

Minus273 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:10:48

Really chutney, they guy at the job centre said as we weren't entitled to benefits we weren't entitled to any job hunting help and his advice would be not to be lazy and try harder. I mean FFS even the lucky ones will take more that 24hrs to get something.

laracroft2001 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:12:08


Does he get a decent redundancy package? If yes then that will give you a cushion for a couple of months.
When are you due?
Husband should be entitled to JSA and you will def be able to get some benefits.
Get him to fill his profile on job websites such as Linkedin, monster etc and he'll find he gets contacted. Other option is also to register with a couple of employment agencies and he'll find he has much more more success with getting interviews, and they will find jobs specific to his skills.
will his company be running any redundancy seminars with hints for getting back into work etc??

And yes legally he is allowed paid time off for interviews.

Minus273 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:16:50

He is getting 4 weeks pay so basically an extra month's pay. I am due he end of November.

An0therName Wed 07-Sep-11 21:18:14

do get down the CAB asap and get some benifits and finanical advice -
CWjobs has loads of IT jobs

laracroft2001 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:22:43

some links that might help

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